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NSW & ACT Trip Help Please??


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G'Day All,

My wife and I are starting to plan a long revisit to NSW & ACT trip that I did with my parents when I was about 10yo. As dad has been very sick latley its time to do the trip again.

So Im after some help please re where are good places to stay (Motels) that are clean but also good value for money. Oh Marie just said to make sure they have something very close by for meals etc too.....(type 1 Diebetic)

We have our first night sorted staying at Shepperton (with old brigade member), but we are planning to stay at Parks (The Dish), Dubbo (wife wants to see the Zoo), Bathurst (Drive the track & motorsport musuem) & Canberra (Mint, War musuem, parliment house, HMAS Canberra memorial), then head home via Shepperton.

If you know of a good musuem, collectable shop's or anything worth stopping for please let us know. Or any tips for anything would be great thanks. We really love history if that helps with ideas.

Im a firefighter and a collector of anything to do with firefighting.....But no trucks YET ! So Im sure there should be collectable shops or markets / swap meets around the place.

Regards & Thanks

Andrew Shaw

Hamilton, Vic.

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At Dubbo make time to see the old Jail in the centre of town. Its a short walk from the tourist info shop.

Took my father there on one off our trips across from WA. worth the time, a lot of bush ranger history.

Ok will do, thankyou for your help.

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