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2012-13 seq nacra super series


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I think we have finalised the calendar for next seasons Traveller Series. At this stage the nominated events are:

15 - 16 September 2012 - Humpybash - Humpybong Sailing Club

29 - 30 September 2012 - Torquary Hotel Multihull Regatta - Hervey Bay Sailing Club

13 - 14 October 2012 - Cleveland Sailing Club 2 day regatta, day one around the buoys on the saturday and around (or down to?) Coochiemudlo Island. This event has been held at request of the Association so it would be good if we can have a strong showing. The club has a growing fleet of Nacra's and it would be good to support them.

3 - 4 November 2012 - Cat Challenge Lake Cootharabah

10 - 11 November 2012 - Bridge to Breakers Clarence River Sailing Club

29 December 2012 - 4 January 2013 - National Titles Hervey Bay Sailing Club

12 - 13 January 2013 - New Years Regatta - Lake Samsonvale Sailing Club

26 - 27 January 2013 SEQ Titles Southport Sailing Club

Feb- March 2013 Bundaberg Regatta (dates to be confirmed)

March 2013 Darren Lowder Memorial Regatta- South West Rocks (hopefully also a nominated event in the NSW Nacra Super Series)

29 - 31 March 2013 Qld State Titles - venue to be confirmed but will be somewhere in North Queensland.

This year the series will end at the State Titles and we will do the raffle draw after the State Titles Presentation.

There will also be a couple of changes to the structure of the series. The first is the name. There are two other NACRA series held each year in Qld and NSW, both of these are called Super Series, for the purpose of consistency, it is proposed to also call ours a "Super Series".

The other change will be the ticketing system. The thought is to simplify it and also nominate a number events where double tickets will be issued, these will likely be Bundaberg, South West Rocks and Bridge to Breakers. All of the major prizes will be drawn as part of the raffle. To be eligible for the draw this season you will be required to compete in at least 30% of the nominated events.

I will also score a series competition similar to last year with trophies on offer.

Full details of the series will be posted shortly.

Also, if anyone is interested in some early season sailing Lake Cootharabah Sailing Club will be hosting the All Boats regatta next week end. Early indications are that there will be a good rollup of NACRA's including at least 8 5.8's. NOR can be found here http://www.lcsc.org.au/allboats/NOR2012.pdf


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First Event of the SEQ Nacra Super Series 2012-13

Time to get back into sailing!

The first nominated event of this seasons SEQ Nacra Super Series 2012-13 is the Humpybash 2012 at the Humpybong Yacht Club 15th - 16th September.

For more information on the regatta please go to http://www.qldyachting.org.au/event.asp?ID=47820&format=popup

Once again we have secured some great sponsorship for the series with $3,000 plus of prizes on offer including an iPad 2, fuel cards (to help with the travelling), shopping vouchers at Brisbane Catamarans , some great Magic Marine, Harken and Ronstan gear and many other prizes. Special thanks to :

* Magic Marine http://magicmarineaustralia.com,

* Brisbane Catamarans http://www.nacra.com.au,

* Queensland Nacra Association

* Jalex Hardware http://www.jalex.com.au/shop

*. Harken and

*. Ronstan

for there generosity again this year.

To take part in this Series you only need to be a financial member of the Nacra Association (Queensland or NSW) and sail a class legal NACRA. Last year we had 52 NACRA's take part in the series and we are hoping for even a bigger fleet this year.

Don't forget our National Championships are at Hervey Bay this year between 29 December 2012 and 4 January 2013. For those who haven't been to a National Championship event it is a great opportunity to compare notes with other NACRA sailors to improve your racing skills as we as enjoy a great social program over the week.

The Hervey Bay Sailing club it is located on the esplanade in central Torquay and has a number of camping grounds and accommodation options within walking distance of the club. The beaches of Hervey Bay are extremely family friendly with many options for the rest of the family while the sailors take part in the regatta. For more information on the event please go to http://www.nacra.yachting.org.au/?Page=54619&MenuID=Events%2F23729%2F0

More information on the Super Series and the Nationals will be posted shortly.


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2012-13 seq nacra super series - event 2 - the torquay hotel multihull challenge

The next event of the SEQ NACRA SUPER SERIES is the Torquay Hotel Multihull Challenge at Hervey Bay. This will be a great opportunity to get some practice in before the nationals to be held there in December.

The club is planning races on the 29th and 30th of September. The first race on Saturday will not start before 11.30 am. They are planning 3 races saturday and 3 races sunday with monday free to return home.

The Hervey Bay Club always puts on a great event which is well worth the trip. For more information on the event please go to http://herveybaysailingclub.org.au/sites/default/files/Torquay-NOR.pdf

If you want to be part of the SEQ NACRA SUPER SERIES this year please go to the Queensland Nacra Association Web site http://nacraqld.com.au we have over $3000 in prizes on offer including fuel vouchers to help you get to the events, an apple ipad, some great magic marine, Harken and Ronstan gear and $500 in shopping vouchers at the Brisbane Catamaran Centre. Entry to the series is free, but you must be a member of the Nacra Association and sail a class legal boat.

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Seq nacra super series event #3 cleveland sailing club

Event 3 of the SEQ Nacra Super Series is to be held at the Cleveland Sailing Club 13th and 14th of October 2012. The club is putting on a special event for us with 3 races on Saturday (first start not before 12.30 pm) and a race around (or down to?) Coochiemudlo Island on Sunday with an early finish. Overnight camping is welcome at the club.

To help with your travel expenses we will have a lucky sail draw at the end of the event for Super Series sailors. There is already 2 $50 fuel cards in the prize pool. If your sail number is drawn and you aren't at the event the prize pool will jackpot with another card added at the next (and subsequent) rounds.

The club has a number of very keen Nacra sailors and it would be great to have a good rollup of boats, hope to see you there.

Don't forget the nationals are at Hervey Bay this year, will be a great event at a fantastic venue.


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SEQ NACRA SUPER SERIES 2012-13 EVENT 5 - Bridge to Breakers Clarence River

Last weekends event at Lake Cootharabah saw a big rollup of NACRA's including 9 5.8's with 2 former national champions duking it out for supremacy of the fleet -the way I see it the score at the moment is Venom 1 Trucking 0 .

The next event in the SEQ NACRA SUPER SERIES is the Bridge to Breakers Regatta at Clarence River. For those who haven't been there before the Big River Sailing Club hosts the event from their club house on a grassy bank of the Clarence River (up stream from Yamba).

Format for the weekend is a long race to the Breakers at Yamba and back to the club. Sunday is a number of round the buoy races.

Start time Saturday is briefing 12.30 pm and race commencing 1.30pm.

The club has some of the best grounds for camping with lush grass (well it was last year) right up to the sandy banks of the river. Full catering is also provided with some great home cooking on offer. for more info on the regatta please see this link http://www.bigriver.yachting.org.au/

While the club is in Northern NSW it is surprisingly close to Brisbane now that the Ballina bypass is open.

Congratulations to the winner of last weeks Lucky Sail Draw - Lex Statsburg (5.8 from Cleveland) .

Once again we will have a Super Series Lucky Sail Draw with a $50 fuel voucher up for grabs. To win the prize you must have sailed in the regatta and a current member of the Nacra Association (you do not however have to be at the draw - if you need to leave early). If you name is drawn and you didn't attend the regatta the draw will jackpot at the next round of the series.

This year we have over $3000 of prizes on offer for the series, all you have to do is be a member of the Nacra Association, sail a class legal Nacra and attend some of our nominated events.

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Once again the BRSC put on a great weekend of good food, wonderful hospitality and lousy weather. For all those Qld's who didn't make the trip, perhaps forgivable given the forecast, it was indeed a BLAST. Early arrivals on Friday were greeted with strong cold southerlies and driving squalls in which to pitch their tents, so I'm told. By race time Saturday the wind was S 15-20 and building.

Visitors from Qld included Ian and Meg from Cleveland on their 5.8 and Phil from Hollywell (nee Ballina) on his 4.5 "No Waiting". Other Nacras were all from Ballina including yours truly on 4.5 "Poetry in Mocean", the Horseleys on 5.8 "Two Foot Extra" and Bill and Zac on 5.8 "Sheel Be Right", Col and Roy on their 16sqs, "Shore Thing" and "Easy Beat". Suffice to say it was a wild weekend with punishing conditions. Saturday saw winds gusting over 30kts during the race resulting in many casualties, fortunately no serious damage but only 7 of 19 cats finished. Sunday morning was a little calmer but still hairy and Sunday pm was cancelled due to strong winds.

Results are at:- http://www.bigriver.yachting.org.au/site/yachting/bigriver/downloads/Bridge%20to%20Breakers%20Results.pdf

More info and pics coming soon at http://www.bigriver.yachting.org.au/

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LAST EVENT NACRA SEQ SUPER SERIES 2012-12 -Cat Week(end) Southport

After what fells like a very short season, the last event of the SEQ Nacra Super Series is the SEQ Nacra Titles to be held next week end (6 - 7 April) at the Southport Sailing Club.

The Southport Sailing Club always puts on a great event with second to none on and off water facilities as well as a very strong Nacra fleet.

As this is the last event of the SEQ Super Series we will be holding a small presentation event after the formal presentation for those sailors who travelled in the series. We will be presenting trophies for class results (best 60%) and also doing the annual raffle draw. To be eligible for the draw you must have completed in at least 30% of the nominated events (3) on a class legal nacra.

You do not have to be at the presentation event to collect your prize.

Once again a tremendous thank you to our sponsors ROSTAN, BRISBANE CATAMARAN CENTER, MAGIC MARINE AND HARKEN who have generously give some excellent prizes for the event. The current prize list includes:

1 x Ipad mini

3 x $100 fuel cards

4 x $50 fuel cards

$500 in shop vouchers at Brisbane Catamaran Center

2 x Ronstan Dry Sailing Bags

4 x Ronstan Back Packs

2 x Ronstan Gear Bags (Duffle type bags)

20 x Ronstan Wet Gear Bags

10 x Pairs of Ronstan Sticky race gloves

6 x Ronstan Rash Tops

4 x Ronstan Caps

2 x Magic Marine Sports Bags

2 x Magic Marine Tool bags

1x Magic Marine Private Key Bag

2 x Magic Marine Cube Rash Vests

2 x Magic Marine Cube Quick Dry shirts

6 x Pairs of Harken Reflex Performance Gloves

6 x Harken Stubby Coolers

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Are you guys sailing at big river sailing club this year. There is a face book page. Called sailing on big river . Its not official sailing club page but there few Cats coming back. also there looks like a few boats coming up to meet you guys. Cheers


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