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the good gloves


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over the past few years I've wrecked a few pairs of gloves:

- Ronstan fingerless: not enough grip, until I coated them with Sikaflex. Got rope burn on the upper outside of my 3rd finger.

- Ronstan 3-finger sticky glove: pretty good! Further improved with Sikaflex coating. Got rope burn on my thumbs when sailing every day at the Nationals. Eventually my fingers made holes in the fingertips, so after a season they're becoming fingerless gloves.

- Burke 3-finger gloves: hardly any grip; so Sikaflex coating again. After less than a season the finger padding is coming unstitched and holes have appeared in the leather at the palm-side of the knuckles & joints. Went back to the old Ronstan ones to finish the season off.

- Zhik sailing glove; about 1/3 price and much simpler construction. Hoping they'll last a season. 1st go at the today was amazed at how much grip they have; much better than any other and not needing the extra coating. Afterwards I go distracted while unrigging, and left them on the deck. Drove the few km home at 100km/h and they were still there! Great grip.


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Update: I used the Zhik gloves in mid-week training sessions, Saturday club races, the ACT Multihull Champs (October), ACT Dinghy Champs (November) and NSW/ACT Laser State Titles (late November).

After this use, they started to go sticky: they would be stuck to the inside of my sailing gear bag, and it would be hard to seperate the fingers to put them on. For the Paper Tiger Nationals (December-January) I went back to using last season's Ronstan sticky 3 finger (RF4881).

I later found that the sticky coating on the Zhik had turned completely to glue. I wrote to Zhik, explaining the issue and asking if they wanted me to send them the faulty gloves to inspect.

They replied "We have found that if the gloves are left in the sun or exposed to high heat, then the issues you have described may occur."

And then they send me a new pair for free! My faith in the good gloves and Zhik is restored.

In future I wont be putting the gloves in my clear plastic sailing box and leaving it in the sun; must be like a little glasshouse.

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