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Setting up sloop rig

richard campbell

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Hi all,

Just got another maricat, This 1 is very standard, All the old school settings on it. Just wondering before i go off on a wild goose chase.

Is the mast rake the same from Cat to sloop rig??

There is a short wire strop at the hound fittings. Is that a standard length??

Also what length are the trap wires??

Awaiting your replies

Thanks Richard

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Length of trap wires are dependant on what sort of rig you have on the end of the wire to attach to your harness, I have found that you normally have to trap a bit higher on the 14s than the guys do on the bigger boats as the 14s tend to sit lower in the water and are not really been designed for trapping, hence it is fairly easy to get washed off the sides of the boart in choppy conditions when you are parallel to the water. The lenght of the strop at the top is dependant the length of the forestay, I have 2 jibs both made by Marko with different lenght stays sewn in, so I will get more rake with my old jib than with my newer jib cause the newer jib has a shorter stay.


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