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Looking for repairer / workshop in Adelaide


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Hi There,

I would like someone to check out my Sundance 4.3 (ie. go through rigging, set up, etc) in Adelaide. I have spoken to Binks Marine at Somerton Park but they appear to be snowed under at the moment. Can anyone recommend someone else? I'm in the Adelaide Hills but don't mind going for a bit of a drive for the right result.



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Hey mate, I'm up in the Adelaide hills too. We've just bought a 14' cat and booked a 90 minute session with the professional at the Brighton and Seacliff sailing club to go over it and give us some pointers on rigging and sailing a cat. It was well worth the time and money.

Details are on their website: http://www.bsyc.com.au/

He also got us to tip it and right it, something I'd never done before having only sailed monos.

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