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Advice on 18 sq Nacra


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Hi Im steve

I have sailed a hobie 18 for many years and had a lot of good times ,i know very little about nacras !! ,but have recently purchased a nacra 18 sq ,,I think ,,any way ,, firstly how do you identify the boat corectly ,, ? the guy i bought it from says he knows little ,,and the previous owner little also .. it has some numbers, name on the back beam ,, aries 15.8 ..but the sail has 18 sq on it ?? i can see a hull id number on the stb transom ..Will this help ,,and where do i search .,, all help and advice greatly appriciated . Thanks


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Hi Steve,

I recently purchased an 18sq myself after a few years with an old Nacra 5.8.

Post some pics of your boat and someone here will be able to provide you with confirmation of what you have.

Unfortunately, after been spoilt with so much info on the net regarding how to setup the 5.8's, there isn't a lot of info out there on these boats.

I look forward to seeing what responses you get as it will help me out as well.

Firstly, is your boat the full 11ft wide and does it have the boom mounted to the front beam, not the mast?


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