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Le-QUICK or lemon ?


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Hello sailing gods !

Long time lurker! first time poster !

I come today for honest advice/opinion.

i was recenty at an abandoned vehicle auction and low and behold theres a decent looking little cat.

not shy of a challenge i put in a punt and so i walk away with what was called an hobbie!.

Not being a fool i thought this isnt no hobbie, but 125 bucks later its now in my garage...

ive got a number of other sad boats, a hawke 12, a old windy 14 and a 16ft mono sports boat of some sort . bad news is, and im sure you cqn validate due to the pics:


So is this boat going to do 6kn in 30kn blow ? am i wasting my time, should i use it as a 15ft ancor ??

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They appear to be the original sails, based on how worn, faded & stretched they look. Can unroll them for a photo if you want.

They are complete with full-length battens, which makes them too long for Australia Post to handle.

If you want to arrange a courier, I'm happy to deliver them to the local freight office; Bega or Merimbula NSW.

I'm not seeking any payment; will be happy if something good comes out of the Macgregor, which we called Fugly.

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the mainsail with battens + jib in sail bag is 2600mm long, 250mm diameter, and 7kg.

The mainsail is old, white dacron with mildew stains, with mis-matched and twisted "blues streak" style battens

The jib is red + yellow dacron, in reasonable condition. Includes lee wire and other fittings

Provide further details to me at tonyquoll@yahoo.com if you want it sent



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