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Catamaran Trailer-


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I have a re manufactured catamaran trailer for sale ( long and funny story & your welcome to ask)

New wiring - full lights,-new rollers - wheels, new axle and new springs _(rated 270 kgs)

able to adjust front cradles -

- currently rego for NSW - but will change to QLD as required -

trailer is


I do have a 3 metre sail box - from an earlier time and that is available separately.

the trailer is currently stored near Manly in Brisbane

Ian Kelly


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If you were closer to the central coast I would buy it back' date=' how are things in your corner of the world ? and how's the sailing.[/quote']

All's good Darcy and thanks for your support with the trailer -

ended up totally rebuilding it - never going to get the dollars back - but hey, what goes around comes around and I like the sailing fraternity -

so its good to help get someone else out on the water - Hawky seems pretty keen - lets see how that goes

Noel did his fuel tank with the gear you recommended - again a funny episode but the tank has worked out brilliantly - thank you for the information on that product

the trailer that we picked up with the Nacra has been rebuilt also(sand blasting powder coated etc etc - and the Nacra was in fair condition for the most part - the usual -nigglers with a boat that's 15-20 years old.

so far - the father and son thing is a fail - 8 -0 - eight working bee's without one attendance -sounds pretty standard to me

I might come back to you re the trampoline for this NACRA - got to take the hull to bits to get it to happen though - again another exercise in discovery mode.

Noel is down your way for the S2H - crazy bugger. if it works for you - you should chase him up

keep up the good work - and take good care of yourself

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what did you have in mind for pick up etc

Annie my other half and her daughter are going to Byron on or about the 17th Dec - if you could commit to collecting then - it would save you half of a big trip.

You would have to meet them on arrival as Annie doesn't have a lot of confidence towing a trailer.

Just a thought



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