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PT1874 "dasyure" on ebay


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Relive the glory days of Paper Tiger sailing with this classic old PT. All the genuine 1970's rigging we know and love (NOT!): 3:1 fiddle block vang, no downhaul, upright eliptical mast, lace-up tramp, heavy fibreglass hulls, '70s Lidgaurd sail, wooden plank foils, no ackerman rudders, oh the joy!

Next time your smug local champ mouths off about how it's a one-design class, and "it's not the boat, it's the skipper", give 'em this baby to play with. Going cheap on ebay at:


With apologies to the seller; hey there's no such thing as bad publicity. Seriously though, would be great fun for a casual sailor. My 1st PT 1464 "Why Worry?" was MUCH worse than this one.

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