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WANTED: W14 Mk2 Hull Set


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Hi Darcy, thanks for your reply. Are they just ones you have spare or is that through a shop? Are they bulkhead ones?

Has anybody here had to transport parts interstate before? Any ideas/suggestions/recommendations?

I had a look at a couple of interstate couriers but they all seem to dislike the dimensions. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Hi Darcy,

Thanks for your reply.

At this stage, I don't mind if they are not bulkhead hulls. I mistakenly thought the

bulkheads would act as reinforcement for where the cross beams connect to the hulls,

but I've since been told otherwise. Can anyone confirm this?

If all the bulkheads do is reinforce the structure of the hull, I'm not hugely concerned.

I guess the main thing I'm looking for now is younger hulls than the ones I've currently

got. This shouldn't be hard since mine is an original 1976 Surfcat.

Obviously, I want them to have some sort of reinforcement inside the hull. One I

looked at recently just had chunks of polystyrene foam floating around inside it and what looked

like a failed attempt at using Expanda Foam (big blob of yellow goo gone hard).

Does anyone know the "shelf-life" for fibreglass? Someone told me it lasts about 40

years, but another person told me that it never actually properly breaks down. Does

anybody have any official info on this?

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The Windys are fairly tough boats, the main fault being the polystyrene foam bulkheads, that you saw, coming unglued over time, when hulls are left in the weather and not kept dry internally (the combination of heat and humidity stuffs the glue) Fitting large hatch covers just behind the front beam will give you reasonable access for a rough repair/reglue. The plastic box under the rear hatch can be cut into pieces with a box cutter for removal allowing access at that end (Though the bow is the critical section) Most 2nd hand hulls, of any age, will have bulkhead glue problems. The large flat surfaces of the windy need the bulkheads for support, the shallower and rounder hulls of the Mari and Hobie rely on their shape for strength. No photos, sorry, but you can call any time for advice, 02 43591729

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Thanks Darcy, much appreciated. That's very helpful. From what I've seen so far, it

seems like Windys appear all over the place with a variety of odd repair/modification


What should I use to glue it back in, just an epoxy resin or something else? Sorry, I

have no experience with fibreglass repairs whatsoever.

Have you ever seen a successful reinforcement of the cross beam to hull joint for a

Windy? We've found rough diagrams of potential reinforcements, but I was just

wondering if anyone had done it themselves.

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