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h14 Shrouds forestay Bridle issue


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As newbie to H14 we got out yesterday and after rigging up the boat have found that the side shrouds are at the max adjustment and are very loose plus the forestay is at max adjustment as well:confused:

All wires are to H14 specification in including adjusters etc

The mast seems not to be upright and leans back from vertical and sides are loose as

It is a non turbo and has no jib

Welcome thoughts on what we should do

Also measured the mast and it is to spec's and all places that hold wires are in the correct places

Thanks in advance

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Any sloop rig needs firm, too tight, rigging, depending on conditions. Cat rig cats normally sail with slack, to sloppy rig, most, (In production form) have a line from the forestays (or centre of bridle) to a cleat or cleats, on the front beam, this is pulled on to stand the rig up when sailing downwind, and released when sailing upwind, to rake the mast aft, for better balance (stops the leeward bow digging in when flying a hull).

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