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Organising a Regatta

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In order to organise the Mallacoota Regatta, October 3,4, it seems that:

- we need a Waterway Event Permit from Gippsland Ports

- that requires proof of $5mill public liability insurance

- insurance quote is $3000+

How do other clubs cope with these requirements?

Following instructions from Yachting Aus., we've prepared Draft Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions, Emergency Plan and Entry Form.

The Shire Council is keen to help, with grant funding possible. They require a non-profit group to apply, in order to be eligible for the grant. At this stage we have an informal group, "the Mallacoota Boat Club", but are still negotiating with "the Mallacoota Sailing Club Inc", whose committee has basically retired and haven't responded.

Any suggestions?


Maxim & Tony


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Continued..... But the club that is organising the regatta also needs to have sufficient insurance and there is no real way to get around this. You could probably try a few of the insurance brokers but I suspect that without a properly constituted and incorporated club, that costs are always going to be a major consideration.

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Our club has to do a aplication evey year. This is just to have our normal races. We deal with NSW Waterways Authority, Council, National Parks, Fisheries and the Lands Department. The insurance costs about $1,200.00 per year. This allows us to run regattas as well. Once all the paper work is done. Copy it for the next year. A huge pain in the arse but you gota do what you gota do.

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