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think i nearly had it today, the wild thing, that is, but just couldn't get the windward hull to pop out of the water

checking out A class tuning looks like might have to get body weight a bit more forward - which will do the trick

downwind thrills and spills to come..


Later Edit being from above link-

Downwind sail and rig settings.

Light Winds : 1 -5 knots.

Boat is sailed flat. Keep your weight forward to make sure the transoms are not dragging.

Luff Tension – In the really light stuff pull the luff on hard for shape and flow. As soon as there is some pressure it is eased off to just remove the major wrinkles down the luff.

Mast rotation - 90 to 100 deg. Lock in with over-rotator lock. (Remember to unlock before jibing)

Mainsheet - light, allow sail to twist keep leeward telltales flowing.

Foot - ease foot to give 150mm camber in foot.

Traveller - out as far as it will go.

Weight as far forward as you can go and to centre.

Light / Medium Winds: 5 - 8 knots A Class. (10 knots Taipan)

Boat is sailed flat. Keep your weight forward to make sure the transom is not dragging.

Luff Tension - just remove the wrinkles down the luff.

Mast rotation - 90 deg.

Mainsheet - light to firm, to control leech twist for maximum power. All telltales should be flowing.

Foot - 150mm camber in foot.

Traveller - out as far as it will go.

When possible change into the "Wild Thing" mode.

Luff Tension - just remove the wrinkles down the luff.

Mast rotation - 80 deg.

Mainsheet - firm, to stand up the leech for maximum power.

Foot - 50mm camber in foot.

Traveller - pull traveller to 300mm. up from inner gunwale.

Move your weight to leeward and forward to help lift the windward hull.

Medium Winds: 8 to 15 knots A class, 10 - 15 knots.

Ideal "Wild Thing" wind range.

Luff Tension - just remove the wrinkles down the luff.

Mast rotation - 80deg.

Mainsheet - firm to hard, ease the mainsheet in the gusts to control the power in the sail.

Foot - 50mm camber in foot

Traveller - set traveller 100mm. up from inner gunwale.

Steer down in the gusts and up in the lulls.

Move your weight middle to back and to leeward to help lift the windward hull.

Strong Winds: 15- 18 knots.

"Wild Thing"

Luff Tension - pull down the luff slightly to induce twist in the top of the sail.

Mast rotation - 80 deg.

Mainsheet - firm to hard, ease the mainsheet in the gusts to control the power in the sail. Play lots of mainsheet. The harder you work the faster you go.

Steer down in the gusts and up in the lulls

Foot – 50mm camber in foot

Traveller - set traveller 100 up from inner gunwale.

Move your weight back .

When doing the Wild Thing - Smooth is Fast.

Strong Winds: 18 knots plus

Sail the boat flat; and deep as pointing higher will not increase your speed, you are already at maximum hull speed.

Luff Tension - pull down the luff firmly to induce twist in the top of the sail.

Mast rotation - 80 deg.

Mainsheet - as much as you are game, ease the mainsheet in the gusts to control the power in the sail. Play lots of mainsheet. The harder you work the faster you go.

Steer down in the gusts and up in the lulls

Foot - leave flat; the same as the upwind setting.

Traveler - out as far as possible.

Move your weight back as far aft as possible on the windward hull

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well popped the hull forenoon 2day, that is, by moving inward and forward being towards mast, and, onto tramp

it scared the crap out of me, the adenalin blast of accelleration..

wild.. 4 sure

didn't say there long, not positively sure which way to steer in gusts and lulls to avoid flipping


i practiced instead flying a hull while resting well in on the tramp, whilst reaching instead of running, to get a good sense of balance again

been to keen to long now get out on the wire and missing the fun inboard

most fun had in years

anyway wind died, swung SW from ESE later

went out and the alum strip pop rivetted to the hull gave way



pic 1 is unstuck track / pop rivets on the sb hull, i'll be posting.. ta

2, 3 is sando's exemplary idea to extend trap bungee to jib sheet, cheers!

note, the little white rope untethered is downhaul, am goin' to pinch his idea and attach the downhaul [from added boomvang fitting] back too for easy adjustment, ta

pic 4 another day's end at jbsc wind at SW about 13 knots out past the boom arm,

maybe c u soon

any feedback from the voice of experience much appreciated thanks

which which way to point and pull the strings etc when it starts getting hairy peculiar to windys


LATER EDIT - from Tornado link,,

To start with, the helmsman should steer about 5°-10° higher on the downwind angle and both sails should be sheeted tight to lift the windward hull. Once the hull is in the air, steer away to the normal angle (or lower). The helmsman will be required to let some mainsheet out but the crew should be able to keep the jib sheeted at a similar tension because the apparent wind angle remains about the same because the speed of the boat is increasing dramatically. Yes, it does get very fast and very scary!

If the windward hull is too high then let more mainsheet out and pull away more. Do not point up into the wind to avoid capsizing as it is too far to turn before any saving effect will take place. By the time the boat turns far enough to save from a capsize, it will be too late and you will probably be swimming. To further avoid a capsize, we suggest you remove the mainsheet cleat completely from the boat while practicing.

The helmsman must be very delicate with the steering because if you steer too low the hull will fall back in the water and your speed will drop. If this happens the whole process of easing sheets, pointing up to gain speed again, then sheeting on and pulling away again must be done. To avoid this costly mistake, the helmsman must sheet and steer much more to keep the hull just out of the water. You must also be careful not to sail into the back of a wave as this can be very SLOW. Learn to steer up over the back of waves and pull away down the face of the wave. Again, a lot of sheeting the mainsail in and out must be done.

One final necessity is to sing the following tune (in the key of E) while "going wild": Wild Thing, you make my heart sing, You make everything .. groovy Come on, come on Wild Thing

That's it, when you have both done all the above you have either won the race or you have capsized






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Guest peyarhaw

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That's it isn't it, balance. In a 14ft cat without centreboards you're doing it by balance. In this situation you're either going to go fast (providing you can manage the balance, the sail adjustments for the new apparent wind and the steering) or you're going to overbalance into the drink which is one definite way to go straight to the back of the fleet.

I can understand with A's because you're using the foils to generate a degree of force and the hulls are long enough to provide a degree of stability but I don't think you'd achieve that on a 14.

I did watch Marko trying it on his Paper Tiger (centreboards - tick) and got the impression that by the time the hull was flying the boat was heeled too far so there was a loss of drive in the main. I don't see him doing it much though.

With Windys and Maris without the board I can't see that it is possible, certainly in cat rigged boats. In my Mari at a recent race in 20odd knots even tacking downwind didn't seem to have any benefit (I went straight downwind) another guy (same boat, new sail) went off on a reach and I was about 50m further on at the leeward mark.

Don't stop trying though.

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thanks for the words of encouragement and your tips about VMG, and, will keep trying

haven't seen any local w14s or hobie 16s doing the wild thing 'though heard they can

think you make a good point about the centreboards, have seen it done on a tornado

certainly a jib is needed on a marri or windy to give it a go like you say

i think Randy Smythe started the wild thing off on a H16 out on the leeward trap sometime ago

will try to get the old girl, the windy 14, singing along thru the start and finish gate

if it's all to hard will endeavour to keep sailin' in an encouraging fashion

da -da:

vera incessu patuit dea (L.), the true goddess stood revealed by her gait

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