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Kembla Klassic PKSC 30th November & 1st December 2013


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Good weekend Regatta, Sunday looked spectacular with the 16 fleet involved for the first time in the Regattas history.Lets hope we have the KK and the 16ft State titles on seperate weekends every year.Not as many 14ft Cats on the water as we had hoped but with most of the PKSC 14ft Cat fleet helping co-ordinate the event it was still a succesful weekend.

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No official results up yet.

Only 2 Maricats and 2 Windys competed.The rest of the Cat fleet were F18s and Large Nacras (1 Hobie).Most of the PKSC 14ft Cat fleet were on Rescue or Shore duty.

Larger turnouts by the F 18s,Sharpies, MG14s, MJs and 16ft Skiff fleets on the Sunday.

Not sure of any Cat results as I was more interested in the Sharpie fleet and results.

A total of 8 Divisions raced  so was a bit hard keeping up with all of them.Two firsts for PKSC Kembla Klassic was the intro of the 16ft class and also a Jnr class (141 VYC) that ran on a seperate course  and consisted mainly of Manly Juniors.This I think was a brilliant move by PKSC organisers and gave children the opportunity to compete at a large scale Regatta in relative safety whilst the faster boats compete on the main course (could be a bit dodgy having the little Sabots and MJs crossing in front of the F18s on same course)

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2 Maricats (1 SS, 1 cat), 2 windies, 4 PTs, a couple of Nacra 430s. All were well sailed and places swapped regularly.

Saturday on scratch, I won the first race easily, Marko won the second walking away upwind in the shifts on the last beat.

HEAPS of jellyfish and quite a bit of weed made it a lucky dip at times.

Great breeze, well run starts, courses were fair - a bit deep on the 2nd triangle leg if you want to get picky!

Port Kembla club, as always, put on an exemplary canteen, friendly facilities and easy rigging and parking. (Be nice to clear a few of the oyster ridden rocks off the western end of the beach - booties are a must!).

I Look forward to 50 Maris next year.

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2 Windys -Sando and Ralf Steyer..2 Maris - Rohan and PKSC local Hughy Lewis..4 PTs..

PT won both races on the Sunday in lighter breeze.

Jellyfish fleet was well represented on both days.

The Sharpie Fleet also mentioned  the deep Triangle leg with only a cpl holding their Kites whilst the remainder of the Sharpies having to drop to make mark.

The beach had been eroded away in Storm the previous fortnight and had a dozen members rebuilding it last week.

Hope to see the 50 Maris next year in the evr expanding regatta..8 Divisions gives sailors an indication to the wide mix of boats that competed and the 16 have promised to support the event again next year 

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Are the Jellys getting bigger?  1st time I sailed at Lake Illawarra the jellies only seemed small, sort of like a vibration on the tiller, not like hitting house bricks like at Tanilba.  However the jellies have all but disappeared from Tanilba, do the jellies at Lake Illawarra come and go or are they always there?  I suppose that every form of refuge has its price.  Queens Lake shallow with oyster leases, Toukley the raft of thick weed to get out through, Manno, razor fish and vicious trees to get your sails as you launch, Tanilba the 5 mile hike back to the club when the tide is right out, and also the tidal flow, Koonawarra the rocky launching beach.  Yeh it would be good to have 50 mari's, it all came up pretty quick for me this year, I was going to go, but with kids having athletic zone carnivals, wife working, etc etc I left my run a little too late.  Next year.

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