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Maricats at Batemans Bay

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A small fleet of 14ft cats sailed at Batemans Bay, in very light conditions. As often happens, the best breeze was between races...the paddle back from the open ocean as the sun set was memorable !!

Congratulations to Tony Hasting winning 4 from 4. Tony sailed the "old" Pointed Reply, which was having its first outing for two years.

The newer foam boat is about 10kg lighter but Tony is about 6kg lighter than me so overall about the same.

In the light breeze the Foam PR was a bit faster and higher, but off the breeze the Glass PR was a bit quicker. Tony also managed to sail deeper and faster to gain advantages at the wing and bottom marks.

But overall in came down to the better, smarter sailor with better tactics winning the day.

We sailed side by side, tack for tack on many legs.

I'm sure in more breeze and surfing conditions the lighter weight and buoyancy would have seen the foamie come into it own.

Next time...


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Great fun duel we had; thanks again Rod for the loan. Ed & Mark had some great moments on their Windrush; winning 2 starts and leading a couple of times. More pace offwind will see them winning in future. A Nacra430 briefly joined in, was left behind, then disappeared.

Batemans Bay Anzac Regatta is the biggest regatta of the year on the south coast, with over 70 boats this year; down on 100 last year. Chatting with people from other clubs, it seems that there are plenty of 14' cats around, but just 4 made an appearance at the regatta. It'd be great to see more participation next year.

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