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Gold Coast cruising cat in big surf


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No but I saw it , the guys a frigin idiot , He sat outside the Southport seaway from the afternoon before waiting for a break in the swell ,Then the next morning ,think it was about mid morning, come in through the seaway.That could have gone so wrong, when the swell picks the back of the boat up the rudders come out of the water ,bows go down lucky the boat goes straight and doesn't cross up ,they managed to get it . Not a bad wave I'd give it a 8.25 .

Thing is they didn't need to risk going over the seaway ..All they had to do was sail another 50-60 miles north and come around the top of Moreton Island in to the bay they back down the inside of the bay..probly 1 day at the most ,If they had of kept going straight though the night even if they motored up the inside they would have been at Southport by lunch ,,Dickheads risked their lives ,and other peoples , and boat $400 000? for $15 worth of fuel and 3 hrs...

What would have happened if they had stuck it in the piss , and the insurance company saw the idiotic vision on the TV ?

As I said it could have got ugly..

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