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For those of you who have been following the AC45s------- We are thinking on maintaining the America's Cup rage at the Wildcat.

The attachment shows a proposed course similar to those used in the AC 45 fleet races.

Start-Hollywood*-C-A-C-A-C-A- Hollywood*-Finish. * The Hollywood buoy is now labeled on the diagram

Start-Hollywood-C-A-B-C-A-B-Hollywood- Finish.

The B mark is for fleets WHO CHOOSE not to do W'ward returns ie Hobie 16,18, NACRA etc.

What's good about the course- it's fun and different. It's the WILDCAT so it should be fun and fast.

Gives the boats a longer AC leg than previous wildcats where the windward return boats were rounding the inner C mark whilst the Hobie etc were rounding a longer C1 mark.

More tolerance for windshifts in the start line.

Allows the boats to gybe and have options at the top and bottom marks- enhancing the opportunity to capitalise on wind shifts etc.

What's interesting is the Hollywood mark at the start- you can push up from a pin end start and force the windward boats up.

I have placed the start/finish area higher up the course to minimise the impact on downwind runs.

Actually this is exciting.


Downside is that the finish is 'inside' the course as opposed to having the finish and start below C mark. Though this doesn't seem to be a problem at Trial Bay.


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At present there is a minor error in the diagram. The finishing arrow tail is to long and implies that boats could round the B mark before the Hollywood mark to finish. It will be updated soon.

Any feedback about this course is appreciated. We may use it as the Saturday course and depending on feedback we'll look at course options for Sunday and Monday.

Our initial concern is running such a start with 20 boats on the line may be a challenge- but really, where else do you get the chance to have such fun. It's the Wildcat.

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The course looks like a great idea, but my only concern would be boats who start in Div 1 would be back in line with Hollywood mark and crossing the reaching area by the time Div 3 and 4 were due to start. Also I could see the same issue coming to the finish with boats reaching to finish while other divisions were still heading down wind ,would be worried about the boats who are flying a Kite being blind to boats crossing there path.

sorry to be a pain,Let me know if I have read the course wrong


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Great points Sam and thanks for the response. That's what this post is all about. We are certainly going to discuss the course concerns over the next month in the lead up to the regatta


There are a number of variations that the AC45 use, one is with the finish line being at the bottom starboard area of the course.

I agree with the concerns of having boats on a port reach for the finishing line crossing Spinnaker boats on a starboard run who would be blind to boats leeward of them.

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Another course I have sailed on that has merit is the "P" course where you sail straight upwind past the "C" mark to "A" then reach across to "B" then broad reach to "C" then down wind back to the start line which has a gate giving you the option of peeling either way for the next lap, the finish can be anywhere upwind. The reach's depend on where you put "B"

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Yes Mad's. The course you are describing is similar to our current course for the Wildcat. We will look for more NOR and SI from around the globe.

Don't forget that we are wanting to do this to have fun. The Wildcat is just after the America's Cup so we wanted to have some follow on and some fun. Not the AC72's will be doing the AC45 courses. What we are after is suggestions and Mad's that's a great suggestion- anything that has fat reaches sounds like fun.



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The F18's were looking at having the state titles there and might have to look at moving them elsewhere if we have this format.

No, it's not like that. If a group (or association) want to hold their titles in conjunction with the Wildcat- we enter into a discussion about what the group wants and we plan to make it happen.

For example we have hosted A Class titles and F18 titles (separately) at the Wildcat in which case we work with the group to plan for the event. This may create a discrete course and a separate start. If the group wants AC courses that's what we plan for them. When the 14's wanted shorter courses as opposed to the longer course that were on offer- we catered for them. When the Taipans got together on Saturday afternoon and said they wanted to change their course- we said - go for it- go and have a chat and let us know what you want.

The purpose of this forum thread was to gather feedback on a course idea and have some discussion... Informed decision making is what we are about.

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