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The new season has started and the Queensland NACRA Association has once again secured sponsorship and will run a Super Series in SEQ.  
This year we have changed how the series prizes will be given out.  Instead of having a major prize draw at the end of the season we are going to do smaller raffle draws at the end of each nominated event (as part of the host clubs presentation ceremony) .  To get a ticket in the draw you must have skippered a class legal NACRA in the event and be a current financial member of the NACRA Association.
This year the Association will also run a Junior Super Series (for sailors up to 18 years old).  At each of the nominated junior events the Qld NACRA Association will pay the race fees for any junior skippers who are members of the NACRA Association (and sailing a NACRA in the event).    Prizes will also be given to the highest placed junior skipper or crew (who are members of the Association) in each division at each event.
For both the main and junior series we will also score the series with trophies at the end of the season.
14 - 15 September 2013 Humpybong Sailing Club Humpybash 


2 - 3 November 3013 Lake Cootharabah Cat Challenge-  including NACRA Junior Super Series


16-17 November 2013 Bridge To Breakers Regatta Clarence River Sailing Club 


25 - 27 January 2014  South East Queensland NACRA Titles Southport Sailing Club 


15 - 16 February 2014 Cleveland Sailing Club 4 sprint races on Saturday and 2 normal club races on Sunday.


March 2014 Bundaberg Sailing Club -date to be confirmed - including NACRA Junior Super Series


12 - 13 April 2014 Nacra King of the Lake Weekend  Brisbane Valley Sailing Club -  including NACRA Junior Super Series


18 - 20 April 2014 State NACRA Titles  - including Nacra Junior Super Series
Qld Nacra Association
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The first event of the Super Series was held at the Humpybash Regatta.  16 NACRA's competed in the event.  Congratulations to Brad Kroning on the 5.8 Phantom Menace, Jarrod Potter on the 16 sq On The Square and Phil Robbins on his 4.5 No Waiting for winning their respective classes.  


Also congratulations to Nic Drapes and Peter Day who each won a $50 fuel card in the Super Series Raffle Draw.

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Hi you will find NACRA's being sailed at most cat sailng clubs in Qld.

In SEQ we have a very strong fleet of 5.8's with largest fleets at Cleveland and Southport. There are also good class size fleets of 16sq and 4.5's at our Super Series events. There are a number of 430's being sailed at the moment and the junior fleet of 350's is starting to grow.

In FNQ the largest fleet is the F18's sailed out of Cairns and Townsville there are also a variety of NACRA's being sailed at most clubs with 16sq, 4.5 and 5.8's being the most popular.

There are a lot of 5.0's parked at the moment, we saw two return to the Super Series fleet at the last event and if sailors start sailing them again they could be potentially be a very large fleet.

The Qld Association's website is nacraqld.com.au were you will find links and more info on what is happening in Qld.

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Event 2 of the SEQ NACRA Super Series was Cat Challenge at Lake Cootharabah on 3 - 4 November.  Once again NACRA's were the largest fleet at the event with 21 Boats competing including a record fleet of 8 Nacra 4.5's.


At the end of the event the Super Series raffle draw was held.  Congratulations to Jarrod Potter and Brian Bedford both of Bundaberg who each won a $50 fuel card.


Full Results and photos of the event can be found here http://www.lcsc.org.au/regattas/cat-challenge/


The next event in the series is the Bridge to Breakers Regatta at Hardwood in Northern NSW.  


For those who haven't been there before the Big River Sailing Club hosts the event from their club house on a grassy bank of the Clarence River (up stream from Yamba).

Format for the weekend is a long race to the Breakers at Yamba and back to the club. Sunday is a number of round the buoy races.

Start time Saturday is briefing 12.30 pm and race commencing 1.30pm. 

The club has some of the best grounds for camping with lush grass (well it was last year) right up to the sandy banks of the river. Full catering is also provided with some great home cooking on offer. for more info on the regatta please see this linkhttp://www.bigriver.yachting.org.au/

While the club is in Northern NSW it is surprisingly close to Brisbane now that the Ballina bypass is open.


hope to see you there

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The next event of the SEQ Super Series and Junior Super Series is the Nacra SEQ this weekend at Southport Sailing Club.

For this event we will be raffling two $50 fuel vouchers.  All you have to do to to get a ticket in the raffle is be a member of the Nacra Association and compete in the event.  


Our Junior Super Series Sponsor - Schweppes Australia have also provide prizes for our junior fleet.  There are some great Solo prizes on offer.  Junior skippers (who are members of the association) or junior crews of members of the Nacra Association are eligible for the prizes.


for more information on the regatta please see the following link  http://www.southportyachtclub.com.au/page113.html

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Once again we had a big fleet of NACRA's at the Cat Week (end) at Southport including a fleet of 9 x 5.8's and 8 x  4.5,s  Congratulations to Bruce Potter Venom 1st Kerry Knowles 2nd and Ian Bowles 3rd in the 5.8 fleet.  In the 4.5 fleet Neil Hawkins announced his arrival in the fleet on his new boat with a 1st, phil robbins  2nd and me in 3rd.


The winners of the $50 fuel vouchers were Warren Guinea and Trent Potter (who gave it to his father in a fair exchange for buying him a new boat).


Special mention should be made of our junior sailor Trent Potter in his NACRA 350 who finished all races in what were very challenging conditions.

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NEXT EVENT NACRA SEQ SUPER SERIES  - Cleveland 14 and 15 February 2014.


Our next event on the SEQ SUPER SERIES is at Cleveland Sailing Club.  The club has a strong fleet of NACRA;s including 5.8's and 4.5's.  This year they have put on another special event for us with a very interesting saturday racing program with 4 sprint races planned which is a great opportunity to get in some starting and other race craft practice.


Details of the event as follows:



"Saturday we have in the system 4 sprint races of a duration of approx 20 mins each race on a compressed course, so sometimes 4/5 laps are needed.
This always makes for some heated calls and a frenzied start line owing to the fact of a short race,
Sunday the plan is for 2 races of approx 50/60 mins each race,
Courses for the sprints are set so spin cats can race them, usually a rectangle with a short reach across the top, and then downwind to the bottom mark, then short reach across, then windward to the top mark.
Sundays races will be windward return, however if wind speeds are below 12 kts we will be setting an offset mark, and doing a triangle, sausage, triangle, sausage, finish, course.
In winds of above 12 kts we set windward returns as the spin cats have a few issues with the offset mark in anything above 15kts.
All going well there maybe 2 Nacra f18s from the club, along with some 5.8s, 14sq, and 5.0.
So it should be a good weekend to sail, usually breeze is from the E/Se at that time of the year,
Let me know if you require more info,
Also the club now has a pin system for the front gate, so if any travellers need access after hours they will need to contact Lex Stanbridge lexstanbridge@hotmail.com "
In previous years the club has allowed camping on site.  If you need this please contact Lex directly.
Also we will be doing a raffle draw again.  To be in the draw you just need to be a member of the association and be at the event.
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NACRA sailors don't forget the next event of the SEQ Super Series is at Cleveland Sailing Club next weekend.  There is a large number of NACRA's at the club who have put this special event on for us.  The club is going to run a number of sprint races on Saturday - perfect for refining you starting and race craft in preparation for the States.


Hope to see you there.


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The next event in the Super Series is the Leamonths Foodworks Regatta at Bundaberg.  


The Bundy guys are regular visitors to our clubs and it would real good to reciprocate with a a big roll up this weekend.  At the stage the forecast is for a very pleasant  10 knots which should allow us to enjoy some great open water racing off the beaches of Bargara.  The club is providing meals over the weekend and camping is welcome at the club.  


As with all Super Series events we will be doing a raffle draw at the end of the event.  To be in the draw you must be a financial member of the Nacra Association and a competitor in the event.  





Notice of race.pdf

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The last regatta of the 2013-14  SEQ NACRA Super Series is this weekends Wivenhoe Winter Marathon.  To find out more about this regatta please see the following link    




For this regatta the Association has also dusted off the King/ Queen of the Lake perpetual trophy and will present it to the highest placed NACRA’s in each division of Sundays marathon race. 


As with all of our Super Series events we will also hold a raffle draw after the main presentation on Sunday and will giveaway some great prizes including two $50 fuel vouchers.  To be in the draw you just need to be a current financial member of the QLD NACRA Association and sail a class legal NACRA in the event.  


As this is the last event of the Series we will also be presenting the Super Series Trophies (todate results will be posted shorty).

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