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Any 16SQ second hand sails for sale?


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Hi Arnold, I am in NSW but fly back next Friday. The sail is being loaded on the container coming from Queensland so will be back in bunbury in time for nationals. does that suite or is it too late?


If you are going down next Saturday I have a friend who is working in Perth from sydney for a couple of weeks and was looking for a sail. If you could bring him down he could sail my boat and that would give you extra competition.???


I will be sailing the following Saturday. I will also be doing some tuning during the week so if you had time on the Friday you could come down and do some one on one tuning then stay Friday night and sail on the Saturday. I have a spare bed??



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Hi Mark, yeah I can take your friend down this Sat, just give him my number.  Also the next Friday, I finish work at 6am, then will have a few of hours sleep, and drive down. so will probably be there around 1pm, Would really appreciate more of your tips.

I have a bed in the van now, so could just sleep at the club.


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