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that A-cat grin

bad dog

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I have owned PT, Stingray, Catapult, others I can't recall.

I sail a very old A Class - 20 years actually, it's a Mk4 of sorts but in some ways is also a Mk3 - it was ahead of its time in 1990. Not at all competitive at a national or state level, although it can hold its own upwind in light conditions. But do I enjoy it? - oh yes - ooooh yes. I still grin like Cheshire. So far it's cost me about $6k with 2nd had carbon mast. Forget aluminium - you won't easily right it. If the platform is sound and lightish, you can put a C rig and newish sails on it for less than $4k.

Trapezing is great for maintaining flexibility in my old bones - I look on it as strategic pilates.

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Is it a nosediving specialist?

With a wide foredeck to stick in the chop and a fat-head sail to push it under while sailing downwind?

Perfect for launching the skipper airborne.

Ideally you'd have some kind of stay-less mast, like a laser.

Racing; whoever gets catapulted furthest over the line wins. Wheeeeeeee

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