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4.0s Yardstick


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For the information of anyone else on the planet, and I doubt there are many, who has a Mari 4.0s, the following is the reply from Yachting Vic as to the Yardstick for my Mari. The measurements of the sails and mast, note that my sails are a  very old rainbow coloured main and a handkerchief sized 'cruising' jib, were sent to Yachting Vic and the results are as follows.



From your sail measurements, the sail areas are:

Jib - 3.45m2

Main - 9.7 m2

Mast - 0.65 m2


The "Tentative" Yachting Victoria yardsticks (based on the calculated SCHRS ratings converted to a YV yardstick) for the Maricat 4.0S are:

Cat Rigged (Main only - 1 up, no trap) - 101

Sloop Rigged (Main + jib - 1 up, no trap) - 93.5


For interest the weight of my 4.0 is 107.1 kilos !

The thing is built like a battleship, maybe thats why it has lasted so long.

Hope this info is of value in the Mari database.



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