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Dummy spit!!


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:cool: Mick and I just got back from the NACRA Nats in WA..


I am sure you are all interested to know things did not go as planned for Mick the worlds greatest Mari sailor.


His near new sail failed in one race which with back to back races cost him two races.  You can imagine he was not happy. 


after having the top clue sewn back in he went out and was in the front pack on the first work and bang it let go again. I looked back to see his sail half down the mast and him punching the proverbial out of it and saying lots of expletives.  It was one of the best dummy spits I have ever seen and very justified as the sail simply was not built correctly in the first place. 


He did redeem himself in the second last race with a win, but unfortunately lost the bottle of port to me in the last race by half a boat length.

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