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2014 Nacra Nationals


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A small and dedicated band of Sailors travelled to Goose's home ground of Bunbury to contest the 2014 Nacra Nationals.  There where 3 Nacra 350's with Warren and Madison Guinea winning a tough contest narrowlly beating Jarrod Potter and Kaiella Taylor with a lot of the races having less than 10meters between first and second.  Mark Colecliffe finally got his hand on the Nacra 16 square title after many years of trying, beating Jarrod Potter(last years winner) by one point.  Racing between the top three 16's was close with 50metres covering the three of them for most of the week.  Although the Nacra 5.8 results seem to be dominated by Bruce and Matthew on Venom this was far from the fact.  The midlife crisis crew suffered a few breakages at critical times including a trapeze snapping and sending the skipper over board 200meters from the finish line while in first place.  Luckily Kimberley saved the boat from capsizing and Shane managed to swim back to the boat and recovered for a third.  Michael and Andrew showed impressive speed to lead many of the races at times only to be passed on the last two legs to get thirds.  Dale and Marty teamed well together to win the Nacra Infusion title.  They made sure that in the races they did not win they kept their losses to a minimum.

All in all it was a good regatta with the Doctor turning up on every day with a good 18-22 knots except for the last day which was sailed in a shifty gusty land breeze.  He did go home early one day with a 60 degree windshift half way through one race making life hard for the leading boats.



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