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Are Compasses Class Legal?


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does this mean rope trapeze lines are legal as long as they are of at least the same diameter as the originals?


5.1 Construction.

 All standard rigging (including diamond 

wires) shall conform with the wire types and diameters as per supplied 

from the manufacturer. Running rigging and associated fittings, sizes, types 

and lengths are optional but the main halyard, jib halyard and trapeze wire 

diameters shall not be less than those supplied from the manufacturer. Rope 

tails on halyards are permitted. Jib halyards may not be led internally. 
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(e) Electronic devices that provide timing, heading and heading memory but which do 

not receive or transmit data


pretty much the same as f18 rules, no GPS enabled instruments. 


no speedpuck

no pro start


any sort of compass is legal.


would still like a clarification on the trap lines. I would not like to be nacra if there was a fatality and it could be proved that having rope trap lines would have saved a life because they can be cut with a knife rather than wire trap lines which need tools. the family could potentially take over the business! 

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