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Windrush changes over the years & MK 1,2,3


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I keep getting asked about Windrush 14 cats so I will try to tell you what I know from the different Windrush I've sailed.I started crewing on Windrush as a 9 year old around 1980, then a few years later sailed them on light days, I'm still sailing them.

This is not going to be short winded but I will cut out what's not needed. This is just my observation, it maybe not correct but its what I've experienced.

If you are sailing or buying old hull boats then there are a few things to look out for. Like cracks under the beams, soft side walls due to the styrene foam blocks coming loose. Try and find a boat that someone has glassed up under the beams cos its a bitch to do, as is the blocks of foam. If your not racing then it wont matter what you get. Just try and get one with a jib cos they are a bitch to tack without one if you haven't sailed for a while.

They are great fun little catamarans when set up correctly. The newer ones with Mylar sails, mast & rudder rake are a nice cat to sail. With a light weight double (sloop rig) or single, no jib (cat rig) there yard stick is 93 & (super sloop) solo on trap there YS is 88 and on that YS they perform competitively against other cats in good conditions, with a good sailor up to 85 kgs.

I have attached a doc with the MK1 info on it, I hope it worked.

MK 1 Windrush.doc

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Quin I am new to the sailing game and have just purchased a Mk 1 Windrush. The Mk1 has a jib. Would you have any pics to demonstrate how to set up & rig the jib.

I can t seem to get any info off the net apart from the very sketchy handbook downloadable off the windrushwebsite, 




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Hi Wheelybin

The MK1 would have old Dacron sails ( normal oil sail cloth) The jib should have a wire up inside the luff, On the bottom there should be a furler (black round thingy with string hanging out)The furler should have the bridle wires with snap hooks on the ends. So the idea is to clip the snap hooks onto the two bows then if you have already stood up your mast lay your boat over on the beach and using a nice thin bit of good sailing rope attach the top of the jib to the mast hounds where the other rigging stays attach to the mast. You will find the jib looks to be about a foot to short, that's what the rope is for. I cant tell you enough times how important it is to use a good bit of rope here. It will be taking all the stress of the rigging. Loop it through the top of the jib wire and back to the mast hound shackle 4 or 6 times and pull up tight so the side stays are tight.(There should be a swivel up there as well so the furler works)If there is go through that with your rope. Now your two front stays will be loose, you can ether take em off or leave em on. There should be bits of thin rope on them that was for pulling them back to a jammer on the front beam. But really you shouldn't need your front stays now your jib is on. Next stand up your boat and tie one end of your jib sheet onto the front beam half way along the beam around where the foot strap is there should be a hole in the tramp, tie it there. Then there should be two small pulleys on your jib, Or in you sailing box somewhere, thread your jib rope up through one pulley form the front then take it back through the jib cleat that should be on the top of the hull close to the side stay. So go through the eyelet then through the jaws then across the tramp to the other side jib cleat, go through the jaws and eyelet, then up to the jib pulley and down to the front beam and tie off. I hope that helps you rigging the jib. The jib will help you sail & tack the boat and make it much better. When tacking keep the jib tight as possible all the way through the tack and it will push the boat all the way around onto the new tack. So don't let it off until you are fully around and you will have no issues tacking. Its great for bringing a friend along they can look after the jib. Cheers Quin

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