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WA 16 sq State titles


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Last weekend the 16 sq State titles were held in Bunbury.


We had 8 boats competing over the weekend with light to moderate winds.


The competition was very strong and the racing very close. in Andrews case it was to close as Bevan took out Andrews transom unfortunately eliminating him from the competition. 


3 square tops and 5 Pin heads made up the fleet as each race ended the gap between boats closed and by the end of the series there was a marked improvement an most of the fleet, this was confirmed by the handicap results which had Darren winning with Jonas Second and Arnold third. This results clearly reflected the improvement in all three of these boats.


Bevan sailed Marks boat with his square top and Mark sailed Brads boat with a pin head, Gary sailed with a square top as did Andrew.


The light conditions made for tight racing with Mark taking out the first race to Goose in second place.

The next race saw Goose even the tally which set it up for tight racing on day 2. 


The gap between the pin head and the square top was never more than a minute at the end of any racing and the lead changed between the boats throughout the series. 


Race 3 and 4 saw Goose win one and Mark win one which left the score at 2 firsts and 2 seconds each. The final race would decide the series and goose took an early lead, Mark fought back and led around mark 2 with one lap to go. Goose tacked off to the finish line and Mark covered him. Goose used the finish line superbly to make Mark tack away and this allowed Goose to regain the lead and win the race.


Congratulations to Goose on a very tight and hard sailed series.


Thanks to all those that competed and made this event possible. It was great to see 8 boats on the water and I am sure it looked great for the spectators also. ;)

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