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Adding Jib to Cat rigged boat

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Hi all,

thinking about purchasing a boat, would prefer one with main and jib but if I was to purchase a cat rig boat is it still relatively easy to add a jib. Do the jib blocks generally mount on the side of the tramp and what would a new racing jib roughly cost?


many thanks



Central Coast

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You wouldn't get any change from $600 for a zipper luff race jib. Try local Mari dealer, Mick Coalcliff, at Lemon Tree Passage Marina for a complete kit or Redhead or Eastwind sails, for jib only. You require, bridle wires, forestay, jib halyard, clue blocks, jib sheet blocks, jib sheet (length depends on sloop or super sloop rig). Furler and swivel optional, but not recommended for racing. Original Mari furling jibs had a forestay and single clue eye.

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Super sloop rig can cause stress cracks, in Mari hulls, forward of the front beam, where the curve meets the deck on the inside. This does not occur on cat rig because the twin forestays load is directly "up" whilst the load on the bridle of a S/sloop, pulls the bows inwards. This has happened even on some of the new Foamies. (The builder may have addressed this problem by now) My personal pref for Maris is Cat Rig. 

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