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a future for catamaran sailing

Guest catsndogs

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Guest catsndogs

It is interesting to see the changes to catamaran sailing after twenty years. Previously sailing 'A' Class cats I have had 12 years hang gliding and now started trawling the net and talking to people about the classes around now and would like to get a boat. I think the F18 and F16 classes offer sailors the opportunity to compete with larger fleets on a more regular basis rather than the add-hock collection of boats previously.

Lasers have offered this racing to huge success, I would like to see cats see with more of this opportunity. The only choice seems to be 16 or 18?

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Sounds Very Familiar Catsndogs

I've just started back in the sport after a 15year lapse, and yes you're right the times have changed a bit. I had for the last year or so thought I'd get a T4.9 due to the performance level and quality of boat but I didn't, I've just ordered a H16 which is probably closer to the the fun sector than the high performance boats like the As F16s and F18s. My rather lay opinion is that you'll still end up with some F16s or 18s that will become the 'faster' variety than another so you'll end up with something similar to what I started in 20 yrs ago with windrushs maris H14s etc all being virtually the same class yet with slightly different yardsticks and expectations.

For me the answer became simple as I sail at Mackay where there are 4 other H16s, no other real class showing and the rough sea conditions suit the H16 well. The big advantage is the strict class rules that keep it a boat race rather than a dollars race. Just my opinion!

I guess you'l find what you want with a good look around at whats being favoured in your area and the conditions you sail with etc.

Cheers Phil

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G'day Cats@dogs

there seems to be a familiar story of people coming back to catsailing. A little over a season ago I returned from a 7 year break, now many of my former competition are also coming back to the flock. Our club has swelled with many familiar faces, its been great to see.

I read some where that the average age of a catsailor now is close to 40 years old, I'm not sure if thats a good or a bad thing, but I feel I have a fair way to go yet smile.gif

The formula racing seems like a really good idea, gives people a choice of manufacturer, the way they want to set the boat up, choice in sails, they can even build thier own.

Fourmula 20 from what I have been told was flop, as one particular boat the came out was like 50% faster than anything else, but it cost double any of the other boats, which killed the class overnight.

Formula 16 is a great idea, as most of the f-16 are taipan 4.9's converted, so they are not tearing down one class to make another. the other good thing with f-16s is you can sail em one or two up, can be very handy when crew trouble rears its ugly head.

but yeah the best thing to do to get back into sailing, go down the local club, see what the fleet is made up of, and try and get into the most popular class, after all its the racing that counts, not so much the boat.




Lauderdale Yacht Club Tasmania


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