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what insurance to get?

lindsay s

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Hi everyone


I would like to race at the next maricat nationals, however I don't have insurance or YA membership. The YA membership is easy enough for me to sort out but I don't know what insurance to get. So I was wondering what insurance do you guys have? And is there a standard choice?


Also I sail weekly with the Scouts out of Woolwich however that probably does not meet the definition of a club. So will I also have to join a registered club? 



Lindsay Small

Maricat 719, Twice as Nice

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Try the link from Sailing NSW to Nautilas (or whatever it's called).  I bought third party insurance ($10m) for $50 plus you get a free pair of sailing gloves but they don't ask you what size so it's a bit of a pig in a poke - last time they were xxl this time they are large which is just about right for my m hands.  The comp insurance was $180.

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Most companies won't touch anything that's 20years old, a few have even cut that back to 10years maximum age....... So it's a bit of a nightmare to get cover for an older boat unless a couple of little white lies are to be had ;)

I gave up my first born, sacrificed a testicle, and my right arm on one of my older mozzies in order to get 'cover', the final decision came down to the boats condition and the "broker" took photos and supplied them to the company (in my case Club Marine), once the condition was "seen" as acceptable I had no further issues.


Make sure the trailer is registered and in roadworthy condition

Don't list 'modifications' ..... EVERYTHING is standard

Be prepared to present the boat...... & make sure it's looking great !!!

Highlight any new replacement parts..... IE: this is my new mast and new tramp, both are class standard


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I put 1980 which seemed reasonable to me and means this is a 34 year old boat and they accepted the risk.




is the link to get to the insurer.  My guess is that they get business via Yachting NSW by agreeing to insure the various classes that they list.  I guess that they would assume (quite reasonably) that for racing cover the boat would be maintained in generally good condition.


I suspect they'd get twitchy if you want comprehensive at $10k value because they'd think it's not unlikely that you'd be after a new set of hulls after a knock.


Third party lets you race and for me the value of the boat is close to what the excess is anyway.  I think I also got a quote on 1976 but I can't remember.  Again they are insuring against you knocking up a $60k A class.


I just put in for a quote on a 1973 Maricat and it accepted it - cost $50 for third party.



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