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WA State Titles - some footage

George II

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 Attached with a gopro Velcro wrist strap around the end of the boom . but I also have a security tether around the camera to a secure point . I use various positions in my videos , but for that states one I left it at the boom end. That's a good overall position.  I do use the chest harness occasionally - that's a good view when you are out on the trapeze , Also have a handlebar clamp I secure to the Forestay adjuster  up at the hounds on the mast - that gives a good looking sown angle. Ideally I would like to have footage from 3-4 different positions to make a video , helps it to not be too boring.  I also have another mount I put between the forestay bridles & it hangs just under where the jib attaches . thing with mounts is you just have to try different positions to see what turns up.  Braid fishing line is good for the security tethers !

  rgds .

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