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lightweight hulls wanted

lindsay s

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That is a heavy boat..

We weighed a heap of Mk2 and Mk1 at tourney a few (10 ?) years ago.

Platforms only...hulls, beams, tramp, rudders......excluding mast, boom, main sheet and sail.

Most came in around 92kg.

Heaviest was 104 kg.

Lightest was Old Humungus at 87, next was old Pointed Reply at 88.

Sweet 16 is less than that but not sure.

The class minimum specification fully rigged ready to sail ( including mast and sail) is 95 kg.

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Brisbane Catamaran Centre are putting a special offer together on New hulls to be anounced at the Nationals in a couple of weeks. They can go back to building them out of solid fibreglass to keep the cost down and try to keep the weight down but they will not be as light as a foamy. Any deal they come up with will be a big difference in price so it will be a min order of 10 hulls. I am prepared to take two to keep in stock. Keep that in mind when the price is announced. If we want the class to continue we need to get new boats on the water. At least we have a manufacturer that suports us.

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The price is to be anounced at the nationals. I will pay the same price as you guys just to get the numbers up. 4 sets to go. Think hard and be quick to let me know. This is our chance to give the class a kick along. The prices will never be repeated. Soon to be anounced.

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