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Wanted A class


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Thanks Leon Around $5k

You're outside the price range for good boats in that number range unfortunately. For that money the boats will be older or need a fair bit of money spent to get them to reasonable racing condition. As a guide a good boat just above the 800 range would be 6.5 to 7.5 with those around 900 being in the 9's.

In NSW talk to Bob Griffiths or Stevie Brewin.

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Hi there, I am reluctantly selling for $4500 neg. an A class 1999 Boyer Mk.4 AUS 762 on NSW reg trailer.


Kevlar epoxy hulls, Aluminium crossbeams, Carbon mast of medium bend grade, never broken. Carbon boom.

4 sails, Ashby, Landenberger, Ullman, Goodall, in various conditions.


It is earlier than your spec. but within your budget. A Boyer Mk.5 or Flyer 1 onwards will likely cost more than $5000 even without a trailer.

This boat can still be a competitive club racer in the right hands and is now in the "Vintage" A class YVC category,(2015-16 yardstick of 71.5), which even a mere mortal sailor can sometimes achieve on a good day.


Located Lismore, NSW 2480.  (Northern Rivers)


If you are interested the best way to contact me is to ring me, Greg on 02 6629 3153 a/h or 0456 882 466 and I can then email you some photos.

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