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Concord Marathon.


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Concord Ryde sailing club used to run a cat marathon down the river, into the harbour and back, a bit over 2hrs round trip for big cats as I remember it. Some of you here may have participated and remember that it was a lot of fun, but it died mainly due to the ongoing increases in restrictions from the Harbour authority. Last one was around the time spinnakers we just beginning to appear on cats. A few ppl ran them but being early days they weren't all that successful. It really was the classic Windward / Return course and would very much suit the new breed of spi cats.

We are talking about resurrecting it in a slightly different form, i.e., down to Goat Island and back with maybe a coupla diversions into selected bays along the way.

We'd like to see if there is any interest in it, to help with our decision to run it again.

Anyone here interested?


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