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F O R S T E R W I L D C A T 2008 4-6 Oct


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download the NOR here or it's on this post later...


Big as Ever.

The Forster Wildcat. Three days of racing. Three nights of partying.

Music Saturday afternoon and sips for the land based.

Camping from 1200 Friday - 1200 Tuesday. That's four days of camping.

BBQ and all services from Friday afternoon.

RACE FEES are the same as 2006.

1 person boat $50

2 person boat $60

The middle weekend of the NSW school Holidays and the last weekend of the QLD and VIC holidays.


Saturday 4th

Sunday 5th

Monday (public holiday) 6th.

This is a great weekend.

Live music.

cocktails and champers for the non sailors.

Cold beer and solid music.

Camping available and HOT showers and lashings of WILDCAT hospitality.

We're still planning so any input is always welcome.

This is the regatta for everyone. If it floats(on two hulls)then bring it. Pamela Anderson dolls don't count.

The Wildcat is the October Long Weekend Saturday 4th- Sunday 5th- Monday 6th October.

This is the middle weekend of the school holidays and the NRL grand final weekend -so we'll have the big screen up and the BBQ smoking.

This year will be as big as ever and a great weekend as usual.

Camping permits have been requested and camping at the club is from 1200 Friday-1200 Tuesday. You can sail there all week, but camping is limited to those dates. Please respect this as the club's camping is only permitted through the NSW NP.

Facilities: The club has hot showers, cold beer, hot food and ample green grass to kick back and relax.

We don't have eftpos etc, but do accept cheques.

Register on the day and any time after that.

Packing list:

  1. boat
  2. wet gear
  3. stubby holder
  4. chair
  5. crew
  6. beanie- nights outside around the bar can be cool
  7. hat- afternoons of post race celebration can last well into the evening
  8. tent- afterthought- may need somewhere to rest aching head
  9. sleeping bag (optional)- you may prefer the sailbox/sailbag combo'
  10. panadol- sprinkled on cereal will aide recovery
  11. nodoz for the trip home- make sure the crew is full of them so they can drive for once.


optional items may include:

  1. family
  2. girlfriend/boyfriend/ partner
  3. mobile phone-we all know where you are
  4. change of clothes

Scott Machon

Secretary Great Lakes Sailing Club- In pursuit of Pleasure with Wind

PO Box 8 FORSTER 2428

Ph 02 6557 2154 Mobile 0418 402 382

Tim Haffner- President 02 6551 0659, 0412 206 733


Enquiries, funny comments, suggestions are welcome here or email

Scott Machon

Secretary GLSC- In pursuit of Pleasure with Wind


0418 402 382

02 6557 2154

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How is the Water depth and Weed looking, have the floods cleared any of it out?

The storms and rain have cleared a significant amount of weed from the lake

I was at the club today and a lot of weed is on the shore.

We 're racing this weekend so I'll check the water out.

Updated this post with the details:

High tide Saturday 4th is 1.55m at 12.40pm (adjusted for the Lake not Forster Beach).

So that makes it close to ideal.




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Great NEWS Great NEWS Great News

Kevin (Kevlar) Winchester at NB Laser and Hobie Sport has generously provided support to the Wildcat.

This year we'll be offering some great prizes and as usual a great weekend.

Also on offer a raffle. WIN a Hobie Kona 2 person kayak- value $1690, and also $100 and $50 online vouchers. These raffle prizes have been provided by Kevlar.

Can't wait till October.

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Awesome stuff Warren.

As always we look forward to a big fleet of F18's carving up the water.

As usual there wil be plenty of cold Bundy's sitting in ice for the late arrivals on Friday night.

Just had a committee meeting with The Big Bloke, he's off to buy more BEER for the F18's.




GLSC- In Pursuit of Pleasure with Wind

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Originally posted by The Big Bloke:

We look forward to the return of the F18s. Course design incorporates a separate windward/return section for spinnaker boats. All is in readiness. Bring on the easterly breezes and a stonker southerly for mad monday!

Great news, the Blade and some more F16's will be there for sure as long as all spinnaker boats are sailing together like last year. It was great fun!

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