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Copy of the 2014 race report from the NSC

Sunday set the scene for the annual South Coast Sails Nowra Sailing Marathon to Shoalhaven Heads and back, and again a record fleet for recent years competed with added visitors from the Illawarra Yacht club joining visitors from Callala Bay, Avalon, and Concord Ryde. While the wind was light at the start, a number of the Spirals and one of the two Lasers elected to go with smaller sails which both of these classes offer, in wise anticipation of the forecast wind strength – wise as the wind was to continue to increase all the way to the Heads!
Peter Eslick won the start from Mike Wootten, Nev Lotze, Merve Lotze, Wayne Norris, Vince Zweers, Bill Jauncey, Michael Fairbairn, John Rickard and Paul Binstadt. Mark McKinnon, Cameron Phelps, and Joe Mason had opted to start on the ten minute gun. The first thirty minutes were a drift with places continually swapping as different boats picked up the small zephyrs. After that the sea breeze started to fill in and the fleet started to spread as it headed to the Heads. By the time the fleet turned left for the last kilometre to the lunch stop, the breeze was over 20 knots with stronger gusts, and a number of boats had swims. Michael was first to the lunch stop in just under two hours, while Joe won the persistence award in managing to finish in four hours. Two boats had to be towed in with damage, and retired. A beautiful lunch of hot sausages, salad and fruit was most welcome, and competitors were joined by visitors.
By the start of the return leg the breeze was up to 25 knots with gusts over 30 so the start was spectacular! A number capsized in the first kilometre and in the best traditions of sport Wayne ignored his good position in the fleet to go to the aid of Nev, and spent around half an hour assisting Nev until the busy rescue boat was able to take him in tow. Over the next fifteen minutes all the fleet had at least one swim, and three more elected to retire or not start. Merve Lotze was first back in just over an hour, followed less than three minutes later by Paul Binstadt. Over the next thirty seconds three boats finished, in order of Mike Wootten, (66 min 48 secs), Steve Phelps 4 seconds later, and Bill Jauncey 8 seconds after Steve. John Rickard and Peter Eslick finished over the next 90 seconds, and Michael Fairbairn and Wayne Norris were the last finishers. The race committee awarded Wayne 30 minutes redress for his assisting Nev – probably not enough. Final results involved adding the two times and adjusting by the Nowra S. C. Yardstick. Spirals dominated the results with Merve Lotze winning by 50 seconds (in well over three hours sailing) from Peter Eslick and Bill Jauncey who was using the new Spiral 5.6 rig, then Wayne Norris, Steve Phelps, Mike Wootten, Michael Fairbairn’s Finn, Paul Binstadt’s Laser, and John Rickard’s Laser.
We particularly thank the rescue boat crew who had plenty of work over the day and did a sterling job, and the starters and finishers and lunch providers who also did a great job. After the results were announced most stayed at the clubhouse for a scrumptious afternoon tea and reminisce of the unforgettable event.

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If i had of known about this a month ago I would have been all for it. Instead the missis and I are sailing in sydney that sunday. Oh well next year I guess. For anyone looking at going though, the nowra guys are very freindly and knowledgeable accross many different class's if your looking at going but not very experienced.

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