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WANTED: Maricat 4.3 Mainsail


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Just bought a Maricat off Gumtree and went for my first sail on Saturday and tore my mainsail in the corner where it attaches to the boom.

Feedback so far is that it wouldn't be worth repairing due to the condition of the material.

I am looking for a second hand sail or good priced new sail.


I am located in Northern NSW area.



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2 hours ago, darcy1945 said:

Paul, get back in touch if you have no success in a week or so, 1 of our club members has a very good race sail available.

more than you need for just social sailing, but, an option.

Beauty Darcy, Will do

And thanks again for the advice given on the phone

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6 hours ago, Niso said:

White race sail available with battens. $250


Dean 0414 601 802

Thanks Dean,

Sorry for the amateur questions but this is the first time I've ever sailed so am completely new to the world.

For any reason would a race sail not fit my setup? or is it completely interchangeable with a stock setup?

Also, what is the freight/mail options for such an item up the coast?




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I dont think my sail would suit a stock set up

the forestays are longer with the racing sails( different cut main)

If you brought a old boat, first thing i would do is buy a set of new stay wires

Mike Colcliffe is the NSW  Maricat dealer( Humgus 2) on this web site

Darcy is another Maricat guru

i would have to check on freight prices

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A newer racing main will work fine on an 'old' setup.  We tend to use longer forestays now in order to rake the mast further back.  This aids pointing upwind and helps reduce 'going down the mine' downwind.  Forestays are 5.5m and shrouds are 5m (but check first with Darcy or Mick).  

The main on an old setup will just mean the boom is a bit higher in the air, that's all.  Mast and boom are the same.

If your boat is old, do check / replace the dolphin stricker.  If they break you can lose the beams.

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Cheers for the tips. I had heard a bit about mast raking. At this stage I am happy just sailing it as is for a while until I get a bit more confident. But it is good to know that this race sail will be suitable for my setup.

As for the dolphin striker, I had a good chat with Darcy on the phone the other day and he ran me through checking that. It's the first thing I will be doing when I head back home next Tuesday for sure!



If you could sus out a rough freight cost to Alstonville, NSW 2477 it would be appreciated.

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