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Tillers and ackerman steering geometry


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My two tiller arms have quite different amounts of bend inwards - one is quite a lot straighter (and somewhat damaged) than the other.  Even so, I haven't noticed that tacking is easier on one side or the other. 

Just how important is the ackerman steering geometry?  How much inward bend should there be on each tiller arm? 

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Something I need to check too now that I've removed the slop in the pintles.  With the Mari, first thing to check is the line of the rudders.  On the trailer pull the rudder blade half down and then look along its line to the bow.   Once they're in line tape the tiller down so it won't move.  Then make sure the other rudder is also in line.

That's the first thing - made a big difference to my boat when I did this.

Then the ackerman.  So, if you remove the pop rivets holding the tillers in place you should be able to twist it around so that the ackerman calc is satisfied.  I've not done that (yet) but I have the same issue as you do, I think someone or something must have sat on one of my tillers as it's a lot lower to the deck.

Thanks for reminding me - I'll read the article now.


Edit: hmmm, read the article, don't really understand it - maybe I'll just go sailing!

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