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Nacra 15s available-ex charter boats

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Nacra 15 ex charter boats for sale-

We have a limited number of ex charter Nacra 15s for sale-these are being used at the ISAF youth worlds in Auckland late December.

The come with the following-

  1. Nacra 15 with curved boards complete
  2. Full race pack
  3. Large rollers
  4. Rear foam supports
  5. Footstraps

Boats will be freighted to Australia after the event and will hopefully arrive here around the end of December.

The Nacra 15 is the youth boat for the ISAF world titles each year and the youth Olympics 2018 and the stepping stone to the Olympic boat-Nacra 17

16 of these boats have already been sold into Australia-this a rare chance to purchase of these at a discounted rate and to have one for the youth nationals in Australia.

Boats will only be used for the event for 6 days.

Nacra will have someone at the event to take care of these boats and to pack into the container.

Please contact-

Nacra Australia

p-07 3375 4911




nacra 15 website.jpg

nacra 15 6.jpg

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Great news so far 18 boats have been sold into Australia.

With some top young sailors joining the Nacra 15  ranks

Including many top Opti sailors, top Hobie 16 sailors, Nacra infusion young guns. With the success of the Nacra 17 in the recent Olympics the Nacra 15 is set for a great future throughout the world.

We have been able to get our hands on two more Nacra 15s that will arrive here early January,in plenty of time before the national selection trials at Easter.

Email me for further details


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