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Lacepede Bay Sailing Club Lobster Regatta 10th-11th of January


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Here's some post's from the South Aus Catamaran group.

We currently have indication's there will be at least 3 x 5.8



Multiple A's

5.7 Taipan




Arafura Cadet's


Kitesurfer (Maybe)

14ft Sundance


G'day and Merry Christmas to you heres some info on the Lobster Regatta held in Kingston SE by the Lacepede Sailing Club. This race will be competed by catamaran's, mono hulls and windsurfers. Cost for the regatta is $45 a senior boat or $20 for just the Sunday race, junior entry fee is $15 a boat for the regatta. $10 adults $5 juniors for BBQ tea on Saturday night, canteen will be open for lunch. The bar will be open with good prices and there is no BYO alcohol.Sailing will start for junior races at 9.30am Saturday 10th the idea being they then pack up around 11.30am unless they are competent enough to sail the adult course.Seniors will sail 3 races on the sea breeze starting around 12-2pm. We normally have a lull as it goes from

prevailing wind to sea breeze so the exact start time is not possible to predict.The 3 races on Saturday are used to work out handicaps for the 20km run heading North down from Cape Jaffa on Sunday morning.

This is sailed around 9-10 am to avoid a big sea breeze and the start will be delayed if the wind is not good enough. Subject to weather the juniors and inexperienced set out about half an hour before the seniors in a group and travel down together with a dedicated rescue

boat then they complete their race in front of the club. If the weather is too strong juniors will not be able to compete but will be supervised at the club by non sailing adults. We will probably arrange for Arrows, Arafura's etc to set off early so that all boats can have a race to the line.There is only one sandy reef on the

course near the beach it is marked with a bouy, competitors can travel down next to the beach or choose to go out to sea. Anybody having gear failure can pull up on the beach anywhere and await pickup, normally there are no surf, big waves or rocks as the course is protected by the Margaret Brock Reef about 10km out.There is bacon and egg sandwiches available at the start, you can choose to leave your car at Cape Jaffa and get run back after the race or set up really early, run your car back to Kingston and get a lift back to the start with someone else going to the start.Competitiors are welcome to camp next to our club rooms for the night at no cost and use the club showers, toilets etc. This is not a proper camping ground so we have to not make too much noise late at night. We have our fully accredited learn to sail sailing lessons in the week before and after the regatta so competitors are welcome to come early or stay after the regatta if they want their children to do sailing lessons. There is a great caravan park and motels etc for those that want more of the comforts of home, there will be children and adults around the club not sailing so families wont be left out. There are big tractor tubes, cricket sets etc to keep the kids happy. For more details and to enter ring Jeff Southall on 0427 660106 it would really help if we know how many are coming so we can arrange food, rescue boats etc..

More information on facilities

If your coming down and want motel accomodation time is running out as there is a big Food fest at Cape Jaffa on the 10th so accomodation needs to be booked now. There is a small but tidy 3 bedroom house currently available privately to rent with basic furniture.

Competitors are welcome to sleep in the clubrooms on the floor on Saturday night if you dont want to pitch a tent at the clubhouse.

Don't plan on getting to sleep early though.

I have mowed a section of grass just South of the clubhouse suitable to pitch a tent on, in amongst some bushes that's far enough from the club to get some sleep.

Kingston caravan park has some cabins available

Lacepede Bay Motel 87672444 is on the forshore near the jetty and is highly recommended.

Lobster Motor Inn 87672322 is near the Big Lobster on the highway and is well


Mobil 190 roadhouse 87672419 has cheap rooms on the highway (bit rundown)

Ray White Real Estate 87672200 manage bookings for beach house rentals and are easy to deal with.

Our clubhouse is 285km from the tollgate on Glen Osmond Rd it will take about 3 hours drive straight down the freeway, turn right after Tailem Bend, straight down to Kingston SE via the Coorong. Once in the town turn right just after you cross the bridge and you will be in the main street, go to the roundabout turn right, go to the end of the road your now on the foreshore next to the Lacepede Bay Motor Inn. Turn left about 4km down you'll find the clubhouse, the only building on your


I'll try to post some pics of the club facilities later today. Bar prices are $2.20 for light, $2.50 for heavy beer so drink is cheap the food is innexpensive but good and we look forard to having a great time with you. Non sailing families will be easy to keep entertained, the kids can play at the club or the beach which is very

safe, no rips or surf waves. Or the non sailing adults can go to the Cape Jaffa food and wine festival.

I will post updates with our expected weather closer to the sailing date, we will adjust the start times to suit the wind, were in a hard to predict long range area here at times. The weather pattern should

be a prevailing wind in the morning that then swings around to a Westerly seabreeze around 1-2pm in the afternoon. Last year the race down from Cape Jaffa was about 22kt plus big gusts dead downwind in

about 5ft waves which was unbelievable fun. 2006 was about 15kt upwind. Fastest boat to complete it so far was a 4.9 husband and wife team in about 45 mins.

This race has been going for many many years and this is the first year we've publicised it, were a small club but we'll go out of our way to make you welcome. I know there are some people that are doing

National title races don't despair our 20km Earthmovers Bouy Race in April after all other club sailing is finished is a must do with a just about guaranteed seabreeze.

further details Jeff Southall 0427 660106

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Sorry no Maricat's only addition to the boat list is a couple of Lasers. I'm about to head to the club now the weathers about as good as you can ask, the winds expected to build all day up to a maximum of 18kt from the SE which is sort of offshore, waves under 2ft for most of the day, we've already got around 8kts now.

regards Jeff

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Bit of a suprise day nice off shore wind in the morning while we set up then fidly SE changing light wind for the first 45 mins of the first race then unforcast full on front 31 kt on shore gusts to finish the race. Few boats to be fixed only got 1 race in but the 20km race tomorrow will finish before any big sea breeze hits.

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