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Daggerboard repair


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Hello Gents,

After flying a hull and a particularly bad landing my dagger board exploded. 

I'm wondering about the feasability of a repair.  Insurance will cover it I'm hoping but if not I'll be busting out the fibreglass repair kit.  I've done fibreglass repairs previously but more to replace notch outs rather than a complete break.

I would probably approach this by using a flapper disc to take a few millimetres of fibreglass off either side and take that 150mm above and below the break.  Then glassing the hell out of it, filing and sanding it to get the shape back and then finish it off with some flowcoat (or similar.)

Does this sound like a fairly resonable approach.  Should I be looking at some sort of reinforcing rod up into the handle and into the main body.  (Like a dowel of some sort? To use woodworking terminology.)

Any advice would be apreciated.

Thanks in advance.




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I broke my board in the same place, put a long stainless steel screw in each side, dug out out the fractured filling inside, layed it on a flat surface and glassed up one side, then rolled it over, filled the void with resin and glassed it up, was plenty strong enough but I wish I took it to a proper fibre glass repair place as they would have had it look like new

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