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Is This a Proper DS Tang for a 4.3


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Hi all from New Zealand. I have recently bought an old Mk1 Maricat 4.3 sloop and there are a number of things about it that don't seem right (compared to the 4.3 super sloop I used to own 30 years ago).  One of them is that the DS tang seems too flimsy and the DS cable has been crimped onto the tangs. That is, there are no joins in the cable apart from the thimbles at each end.  Refer to the photos.

My question is, does anyone recognise the tangs as being legit and strong enough?  The tangs are SS strips 16 mm wide and 1.2mm thick.  The other photo shows the DS tension adjuster.  It is adjusted as far as it will go without popping the cable off the DS AND the tension is still too loose.  I have no idea if the boat has been sailed like this because the previous owners never sailed it for the 2 years they owned it.  There are no visible stress cracks around the hull/beam areas.

DS Cable.jpg

DS Adjuster.jpg

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