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New lightweight hulls and larger square-top sail for Weta trimaran


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Weta Marine are adopting a 'Weta evolution' approach to keep pace with cutting edge technology while maintaining a One Design ethos. After a number of years of testing we have rolled out some boat upgrades to give the Weta a refresh as we head towards 2020 and beyond.

Weta foam core hulls

•    The new foam hulls fits the same one design rule of all Weta but incorporates improvements in 2017.
•    Redesigned foam core construction of all three hulls which is both stiffer and lower in weight, improving performance.
•    The new foam hulls are approximately 12kg (26lb) lighter than the previous production boat. Sailors will find it easier to manage on land - with no negatives on the race course.
•    Total weight is strictly controlled, now just at the class minimum - so no corrector weights are required for normal class racing. 120kg (265lb) so sits at the minimum in the Weta Class Rules.

About the new hulls

Interesting to note the original four Weta manufactured in NZ were a foam sandwich construction. The boats are fast and strong and still highly competitive. At the time - it was not an economic option to build production boats this way but the march of technology now means we can share this benefit with all.

By removing weight out of the boat while not compromising strength, assembly and moving the boat around on land is so much easier!

New Square Top Mainsail (SQ)


•    The SQ gives more power in light air, excellent downwind but still capable of handling the big breeze that the Weta is famous for.
•    In testing, this sail has worked very well over a wide wind range. It is fast and provides a nice boost in speed to the Weta in all conditions.

About the new SQ

Over the years, the main criticism of the Weta has been a lack of performance under 8kts of wind.  While no one sail design can accommodate the range of crew weights the new SQ is a highly developed sail: radial cut, square top - all by North Sails

Weta Sailing Options - now even more versatile!

•    Foam core Weta and SQ - this is a great choice if you are a racer and want a boost in performance especially in mixed fleets.
•    Foam core Weta and Standard 8.3 main - perfect for the lighter weight sailors or grandad. The foam core Weta is a joy to trail and launch with its lighter weight hull.
•    Foam core Weta and smaller 6.5 main - perfect for mum or the kids who are lighter weight and want to play in the breeze with unmatchable stability. Great for dad in high wind with full control.
•    Standard Weta with standard 8.3 main - if you are an explorer or rock hopper then this non-foam cored boat can certainly take a pounding hitting the beaches. Complete the setup with a furling jib for easy sail management.
•    Standard Weta with Dacron main - this is your perfect sailing school or hire boat. Learn the basics quickly. Simple, safe and plenty of fun.

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On 6/22/2017 at 10:29 PM, korwich said:

Here's hoping that the yardsticks get adjusted accordingly.

The yardstick is 86 and has been adjusted for using the SQ 9.3 sail or sailing 2-up as it should be.

"1 up (+3 for 2 up) 8.3 m3 Pin Head Main +3 GRP Hulls +2 Provided for Race Officer’s guidance only. Tentative rating based on limited data – use with caution. SCHRS measurement data is not applicable. Observation of data suggests that there is a wide disparity between light and moderate/heavy air performance, relative to most catamarans"

However, there's also an adjustment for foam-core boats which actually weigh the same as my old 2009 boat (#325)  as the product was beefed up over time. There are only a handful of foam-core boats in Australia so it does seem a bit strange to penalise a boat which weighs the same as other boats already in use and without any data.

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