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Maricat Traveller Car


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Hi Guys, recently purchased a Maricat 4.3 and whilst sailing on the weekend the traveller car gave way. Just wondering if anybody knows where to get a a new one from. I've attached the images in case this is an easy fix. Any help would be appreciated ? ? 



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The traveller cars are standard Ronstan items either 

online or from any sailing chandler. Mick from Lemon Tree Passage Marine carries a full stock of Maricat new parts.

Twin wheel are RC61910

Triple wheel are RC61912

The triple wheel cars are much better, with much less binding and they slide easier, but more expensive.

You could try Darcy to see if he has any second hand ones for sail.



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Just wondering if anyone has pic of the new traveller swivel cleat mount, or can provide a link to a pic.  Specifically the attachment to the rear beam. I have a piece of aluminium plate I'm gonna use to fabricate one & wanna make sure the attachment to the rear beam via rivets has suitably spaced holes with enough rivets. 


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Just enquiring about my maricat traveller. I have yet to use it as my main was weirdly setup to use the traveller cleat as I didn't have a cam cleat on the bottom block. Anyway, what is the purpose of the wheels in the traveller car, as all the images I've seen just show the the rope running through the wheels and tying off with a knot big enough so as not to pull through. Is it as simple as that, or does the loose end tie off somewhere.

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As far as I know there are 2 different traveller setups on a maricat. The older version has a swivel cleat attached to the traveller (the bit with wheels that slides across the rear beam). The newer version has a separate swivel cleat mounted to the front of the rear beam. With both versions the rope runs through the swivel cleat,  back through the traveller (between the 2 wheels) and ties off through a saddle under the rear beam at the centre. The free end is the traveller sheet. This is used to set the traveller position on the rear beam by locking the rope in the swivel cleat at the chosen distance from the centre depending on sailing angle to the wind and wind strength. If you scroll up a bit to the image by Pointed Reply with the red rope, at the upper left edge of the pic you can see the rope pass through the traveller wheels,  from there it ties off on the saddle under the rear beam. This YouTube video shows the old style in use at around the 28 second mark. 




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