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How tight

Harry Pearson

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Hi there

Just got my first Maricat 4.3

Putting on new tramp and wanted to know how tight it should be

Also tracks need repair can anyone tell me best beginner method to make it indestructible I have some heavy sailors on this deck and what length rivets I should be using

I have read a bit about sail track and Sikaflex 

Love to get some feed back

cheers Harry


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Rivets 3/16" x 3/4" aluminium, 3m of c/van annex track from Bunnings.

Thin parallel punch, to punch out the mandrels of the old rivets before drilling out rivets (important)

When old track free, put it back in position, lay 1.5m of annex track on top, lift of and clamp pieces together

Using old track as template, drill holes in new track. rivet using 'duralac"  or other, dissimilar metal compound, on all rivets.

 Ph 02 43591729 with questions.


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