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Lacepede Bay Sailing Clubs Earthmovers race results


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The sea breeze turned up for Lacepede Bay Sailing Clubs 20km per lap Earthmovers race sponsored by Michael Hill earthmoving. At 1pm in about 13 knots of wind and two foot chop, on Saturday 18th of April, 12 high performance catamarans from as far afield as Adelaide and Mount Gambier set out 5km upwind from the sailing club to the first mark at Butchers Gap drain. Danny James on his F16 “Infectious” made great time from the start followed closely by Simon Porteous on his F16 “Zhen”, Dave Kirkpatrick on his A class “Super Sizzler”, Darren Kopp on his Mozzie “Bullet” with a tight scrum behind them before they all split looking for clean air with boats going everywhere. “Infectious was the first out when it hit a big clump of weed that had been dislodged by the midweek storm and finished up on the beach. Once the field rounded the first mark it was a 10 km downwind run to the Long Beach drain, on the wire for those with spinnakers. Steven Kroon on his F18 “Painter and Docker” soon overhauled everyone, followed by “Zhen”, Neil Ferguson on his 5.7 Taipan “ Men behaving badly”, Jeff Southall on his 5.7 Taipan “4Wildthings”, Dean King on his F16 “Woof” and a tight field behind. Once down at Long Beach the breeze picked up to a blustery 15 knots. Neil Ferguson noticed some dust on his sails and gybed “Men behaving badly” straight over to make them shiny again, once they righted the cat they found they were looking at the mark they had overrun and were able to get back in the race, Simon Porteous was next over with weed making him unable to right the cat until on the beach. Jeff Southall was feeling great, new to him cat, first time with spin in a breeze and now second behind Steve Kroon on his F18. This elation was short lived when they realised they had missed the mark by 3km too far downwind and had to beat up wind 3km back to the mark. With their race over they sat off the beach with “Painter and Docker” until “Zhen” was back on the water then the four of them had a race back to the club only completing one lap and travelling about 30km. Meanwhile all the other boats found the mark and couldn’t believe their eyes with nearly all the spin cats out of contention “Men behaving badly” was the only one still in contention but was well behind. At the first rounding of the 20km course

Tim Hollingsworth, 5.8 Nacra 1635 “Two up” was 1st 1hr.36.18:

Neil Ferguson, Taipan 5.7 with spin 225 “Men behaving badly” 2nd 1hr.38.54:

Michael Vaughan, 5.8 Nacra 1633 “Ten Tenths” 3rd 1hr.41.29:

Dave Kirkpatrick, A class 771 “Super Sizzler” 4th 1hr.42.05:

Darren Kopp, Mozzie 1782 “Bullet” 5th 1hr.46.10:

Evan Steele, Cobra with spin 569 “Dream on” 6th 1hr.51.40

Graham Parker, Stingray 527 “Popeye” 7th 2hr.03.33

Steven Kroon, F18 Infusion 617 “Painter and Docker” 8th 2hr.05.58

Simon Porteous, F16 Blade 405 “Zhen” 9th 2.09.36

Jeff Southall, 5.7 Taipan with spin 187 “4Wildthings” 10th 2hr.11.33

Dean King, 4.9 Taipan with spin 153 “Woof” 11th 2hr.14.25

Danny James Taipan F16 332 “Infectious” DNF

Most of the earlier cats tried to complete a second lap but only four completed the full 40km course with the wind dropping off in the later afternoon, result being

Line honours Tim Hollingsworth, 5.8 Nacra 1635 “Two up” 3hr.20.01

2nd Neil Ferguson, Taipan 5.7 with spin 225 “Men behaving badly” 3hr.24.55

3rd Michael Vaughan, 5.8 Nacra 1633 “Ten Tenths” 3hr.34.07

4th Darren Kopp, Mozzie 1782 “Bullet” 3hr.49.07 Giving Darren the handicap win for a well sailed race.

“Two up took 2nd on handicap, “Ten Tenths” took 3rd and “Men Behaving badly took 4th on handicap.

Unfortunately this reporter had sailed so far off the course he couldn’t report on any of the second lap except for the finish but it was a closely fought duel to the end that “Two up” won by correctly reading the wind and heading way out to sea for the lay line to the finish, with both crew on the wire making good time whilst the other cats made multiple tacks in little wind close to shore. Special thanks to all the non sailing volunteers, on the rescue boats, in the tower, on the shore and in the canteen who made the event work. The notable quote for the day was Butch and Rob Copping first time rescue boat drivers, not knowing that we got lost said after the race “Gee you spinnaker boats go a long way past the mark to round it”. Next year we’ll have bigger marks to round.

I've posted pics on catsailor.com for those that are interested.

regards Jeff

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