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Mk1 and Mk2 renovations


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Hi all,

I recently acquired a Mk1 and Mk2 maricat. I am based in Wagga and to cut a long story short, a farmer was downsizing houses and basically said that if I wanted one of his boats, I had to take both. They also came with new rudders, and complete rudder system, new tramp, new rubber for the hulls and a couple of other parts. The previous owner had both boats with the intention of doing thgem up and racing with his son.

The Mk1 has already had the hulls patched and repainted by the previous owner, however all other hardware is dated. The Mk2 however has not had anything done to it. My initial theory was to work on the Mk2 and only use the Mk1 as a donor boat, however after cleaning both boats, I note that the Mk1 is in far better condition. The Mk2 is ok, with a few hairline cracks in the gelcoat, but the bigger issue is a 25cm soft spot on the top of the right hand hull deck.

I really only want 1 boat as I am introducing my small kids to sailing- but we will race. Is it worth trying to fix the soft spot on the Mk2 or should I just stick with the Mk1? Also, I am thinking of raking the mast back and as such will make up new stays/ shrouds. Is it within regulation to use cable with clear PVC coating or does it need to be black/ white?

Thanks in advance!

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