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Main sail size


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Hi all.

Maricat 4.3 owner from New Zealand here. Bit of a random question but I am trying to find a diagram or drawing for the main sail on a Maricat.

We are having problems making the sail we have fit, it seams to be too long and the boom barely clears the rear beam when it’s rigged. It does not have any Maricat like markings or logos on it and we believe it is potentially not the even close to being correct.

It might be an “old type” sail and i know you can get an eyelet put in to raise the clew 150mm up on the leach to lift the boom, but I’m still not convinced the sail is going to work. The luff also seams long.

Parts and advise is pretty scarce in NZ so if I can get a diagram I can compare it and see how far off we are.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Nic

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That is the sail drawing that is in the class association rules.

How it is applied will depend on each sail maker.

Most new sails are cut to allow “more” mast rake than the original multicolour sails.

The stay length that are now used are mentioned in earlier topics.

The old 40 year old design sails supplied by Maricat tended to be more right angle triangles, but the newer cut sails have more shape but staying within the class rules. Now sails can be made by any sailmaker using these measurements.

The jib drawing are available if you need.

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Thanks again Pointed Reply.

I have measured my current sail and it is very different. The luff is shorted and the leech is much longer.

I have noted that it has a stamp on it from a sail maker here in NZ, I looked into the company and they shut down in the 90's. I can only assume that the sail was made as a rough copy of an original style sail. 

I am taking it to a local sail maker tomorrow to get them to repair a small tear where a batten meets the luff. I am going to ask them if cutting the foot of the sail to be 150mm higher is an option. If not I will get them to put another clew eye in 150mm up as others have done.

I would love to get a new sail made but the cost is more than the boat and my intended amount of use can probably justify.

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