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just saying hi

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hey all, 

long time reader of the forum but this is my first time posting, a few months ago i decided it was time for a new boat (sick of lugging the old hydra around, and had just snapped the boom, i dont know how i went from that to approval for a new boat with the mrs...) i was tossing up between a Cobra or a Mosquito or even a stingray if i could find one, i ultimately chose the cobra because of the swing centerboards (this is a big help when most of my sailing is solo or with beginners and done on lakes around ACT) when one popped up for sale locally i snapped it up and am now the owner of Cobra #278 Shazam. 

took it out for the first time the other day and wow! what a boat! it was blowing a huge 2 knots (if i was lucky) but she managed to putt around and not just stall out, when i did have enough wind to get moving it awesome, quicker than i realized and steered beautifully! these boats are a dream! i'm excited to get out again (hopefully with more wind) and see what its capable of...

i stared off in mono's then got my first cat which was a windy 14 (loved that boat) then moved to a hydra before dappling a little with hobie 16's and now ive jumped to the cobra so i have a bit too learn but hopefully some of the skills will transfer across 

i've got a few things to fix up on shazam, like the paint need to be re-done and i want to change some of the way things are rigged up like the jib tweaker lines, ill post up photos as i go if people are interested, but for now i just thought i should say hi.

have a great day and hopefully this is the year we all get more time to sail!!

cheers, Seamonkey


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