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Stingray #579 "Last Tango" for sale


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18', twin trapeze catamaran. A heap of fun, one of the best Stingrays going around. Very solid platform with all the go fast gear and accessories. Reluctant sale but I would rather see this boat put to good use than sit idle for any longer. We won numerous heats at national titles on this boat but since it hasn't been sailed for 4yrs it has to go. It was put away in immaculate condition with top quality equipment all over. The only blemishes on this boat are some creasing in the hull foam (cosmetic) and a small chip out of the starboard bow (again cosmetic). The list of gear below is comprehensive.

$4,500 ono

Hulls: Glass/Foam, water tight
Decks: Glass over Plywood. Dakine foot loops at the back of the bus.
Trampoline: Black with storage pocket and toe straps

Mainsail: Goodall Big Head Square Top, Pentex material in very good condition, fibrefoam battens. Spare Ray Brown Small Head, Pentex material in fair condition, fibrefoam battens

Jib: Goodall dacron jib with large window (one regatta old). Spare Goodall dacron jib in good condition

Spinnaker: UK Halsey in excellent condition. Custom made for the stingray rig

Center Boards: Swing Boards (like a Tornado) with rubber gaskets on the cases
Rudders: Glass/Foam Tornado rudders by Jim Boyer, perfectly balanced steering
Rudder Stocks: AHPC/Goodall Design Capricorn F18 stocks and tiller arms. Fiberglass rudder lock down rods. Capricorn F18 alloy cross beam. Carbon tiller extension

Mast: Goodall Superwing (same as Taipan/Viper) with fixed alloy spreaders. Near new stainless rigging. "StaMaster" sidestay adjusters. Dyneema trapeze wires. Mainsail halyard and lock. Jib halyard and lock on forestay. Capricorn F18 style spinnaker halyard with rotating cleat on mast
Boom: Alloy box section with mainsheet hanger and integral outhaul
Spinnaker Pole: Alloy with Capricorn F18 snuffer and sock

Mainsheet: 8:1 Harken
Traveller: Ronstan Ball Bearing
Downhaul: 8:1 Ronstan
Mast Rotation: Adjustable from trapeze with quick release on boom for mark rounding
Jib Sheets: 2:1 Ronstan Orbit 40mm
Jib Barber Haulers: Harken
Spinnaker Blocks: Harken Carbo and Carbo Ratchet
Eurotrax Beach Wheels
Registered Trailer with Large Sailbox and weld mesh storage area
Goodall built "Regatta" cover for hulls/tramp - near new
Full hull canvas covers for trailering (built for towing on dirt roads)
Lyrca bow covers for road trailering

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