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Then u r probably aware that the only 'active' racing fleet is based at Port Kembla?

Not sure how many there are at Mannering Park - but I'm pretty sure they're Maricat-centric up there...

I'm Sydney-based, and have tried (in vain) on a few occasions to get some interest from those guys to occasionally travel up to Kurnell Catamaran Club - even if it was for just a 1-day event - however, they have never come up as a group...  so I pretty much gave up...

I also tried to get a Sydney Social Catamaran Sailor's Group happening - but likewise, no real interest shown - even when there were at least 3 Windrush 14 sailors that could have got together on the odd occasion... or participated in the occasional 1-day regatta.

Everyone in Sydney is just too 'busy' to commit to anything that requires regular participation - and that's just a sad fact of the modern lifestyle that Sydney-siders have to deal with...
That's why, IMHO, the only way to generate interest is to not focus too much on the racing aspect - but to offer it as an occasional thing to do...

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